I’m clearing up this subject since one of the most popular questions I’m asked is, “What WordPress template do you recommend for commercial real estate websites?”  Simple question, complex answer.  I’ll do my best to clear up my usual speech.

1. My Problems are Mostly Residential. The biggest issue with any out-of-the-box real estate theme is that it’s made for residential real estate. You’ll end up with a lot of features that you don’t need (# bedrooms / # bathrooms, garage) and a lot of missing info.  It’s also very difficult to sort by price when a lease rate shows as $1 and a warehouse sells for $750,000.  The provided stock photography is usually happy families standing outside of their yard holding keys.  Most of the time, you’ll have to change out every photo in the theme.

2. Cool maps aren’t compatible with IDX. All those cool maps you see aren’t compatible with IDX systems. That means you can’t connect your LoopNet / Xceligent / PropertyLine listings with your theme’s map.  The maps built into the theme require you to input listing information directly into your WordPress system.  If you have a LoopNet account, expect your time to be spent placing your listing into LoopNet and then again into your website.  IDX software uses its own mapping and listing grid systems.  If you want to integrate your listings, that totally sweet map won’t be of use.


3. Lorem ipsum. Buying a WordPress theme may only cost $30-$75, but you’re also 100% in charge of the content. There is no one to help you.  All proof-reading, content creation and ideas on how to setup your website will fall to you alone.  This is fine if you’re building off an old website or you’ve taken English 401 in college, but most people prefer a little help.

4. Designing yourself. Only if you have a background in website design and know SOME coding, should you take on designing your own website with a WordPress Theme. Installing WordPress on your server can be tricky and installing a theme on top of that may prove difficult.  FTP may be required for more complex themes, child themes may be needed to get certain customizations, and even custom CSS will need to be used on contact forms and other special designs.  If you don’t know what any of that is, PLEASE HIRE SOMEONE!


My final answer would be that I recommend none of them.  I know it’s not what you wanted to hear, but all the popular WordPress themes are residential.  When you try to fit your services and listings into a residential theme it’s like trying to hammer in a screw.  Sure, it’ll work, but it’s not pretty.

Consider hiring us for your website design needs!  All our websites (all three tiers of pricing) are 100% custom designed and we even have a listing plugin made specifically for commercial real estate.  (We made it ourselves!)