Commercial real estate agents who want to market their commercial services successfully must first acknowledge that they require proper commercial real estate lead generation. That’s mainly because tenants, buyers, sellers, and investors today are spending more time online to gather information regarding commercial real estate deals and opportunities than ever before.

That’s why it’s so important to have a commercial real estate marketing strategy, as it helps in attracting attention and gaining trust. These vital components help you to convince leads, so they conduct business with you. However, marketing and sales are all about the numbers game, and your chances of funneling leads improve with the more leads you can generate and qualify.

So, without further ado, let’s check out the different lead generation techniques that every commercial real estate website should have:

1.    Build Lists from Existing Database

A good place to start would be by mining your existing contact list and trying to segment contacts based on profile type, interest, and level of activity. Those contacts that have been inactive for several years may also provide potential opportunities, as their needs may have changed over time.  7 Ideas on How to Gather an Opt-in Email List.

2.    Find Contacts from Listings Sites

Apart from the existing database, you can also create curated databases of leads from well-known listing websites, such as LoopNet, RealNex, Catylist, or Quantum Listing. It’s imperative that you do your research and find the best contacts from these listings sites. Free Commercial Real Estate Listing Websites.

They have key information on contacts like property history, tenant rosters, and current and previous mortgages. There are other criteria you can choose from if you put in the time and the effort to manually research the leads. Generate Commercial Real Estate Leads with Reonomy.

3.    Capture Blog Visitors

Blogs provide prospects with high-value content and an avenue from where they can find your website. Articles covering topics related to local real estate and commercial real estate, in general, will help establish you as a thought leader and generate new traffic for your website at the same time as well.  7 Tips for a Successful Commercial Real Estate Blog.

4.    Include Lead Generation Forms

Contact forms are one of the best ways to capture user information. You can optimize your forms so that they can be accessed on all devices to capture all the information that you need. The best practice for capturing visitor’s information is to reduce friction when filling out the forms.  Commercial Real Estate Lead Generating Tools.