Competition amongst office properties is heating up and as such, commercial real estate brokers and agents are becoming more sophisticated in terms of the marketing materials they use for promoting their assets. Commercial real estate websites have now become a requisite feature for campaigns promoting developments of new listings, existing opportunities, and brokerage services.

If you are planning on creating a lead generating website, you might need some inspiration. To help you out, we have discussed some important features of the best lead generating commercial real estate websites.

1.     Functional Design

The design of commercial real estate website must be concise and functional. User experience isn’t just about aesthetics – it is about ensuing easy and quick access to information, limited gaps in navigation and easy to read copy. Visitors won’t spend a lot of time on your website, which is why you must capture their attention quickly. It is even better if you are able to acquire their information. As many investors and tenants are using mobile device to search for properties, it is important that your website works well on screens of all sizes.  6 Commercial Real Estate Best Website Design Ideas

2.     Professional Images

The simplest way to advertise office spaces and properties is with images. It is essential to incorporate professional images for a commercial real-estate listing on your website. Avoid using images that don’t show off the available spaces at their absolute best. However, make sure that the images you use aren’t too large because they could slow down webpages.

3.     Excellent Descriptions

New technologies such as virtual tour are compelling but don’t ignore the impact of well-written property descriptions, which is what most people would read when deciding to enquire about a property. Combine descriptions with high-quality images and you will have a great commercial real estate website.

4.     Maps

Location is one of the most important factors in real estate. We recommend you use a map to explain an area in an appealing manner. The physical location of your commercial real estate is important but people will also care about the amenities nearby including banks, restaurants, transport links and other services. Therefore, make sure to implement an interactive map on your website.

5.     Virtual Tours

Virtual tours aren’t something new. Technology has existed, but it hasn’t been very accessible. However, this is changing now, and today virtual tours allow people to visit a property from the comfort of their own home. It would be great if you could incorporate virtual tour in your website.

If you want to design a commercial real estate website that has all the features listed above, get in touch with the experts at Calico Marketing.