There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to commercial real estate websites.  I’m going to break down some of the latest facts and figures from recent, 2018 marketing surveys regarding website design.  Here are some interesting facts about businesses and their website goals.

1. Less than two-thirds have a website.  That means one-third of all brokerages are losing out on deals.  “But, Brandy, my clients don’t use the Internet.”  BAH!!!  According to LoopNet’s “Commercial Real Estate Consumer Online Behavior Study” 80% of commercial real estate investors and tenants agreed that they rely on the Internet for their CRE information needs.  If you’re lagging so far behind on your marketing initiatives that you don’t have a website (even a crappy one) it’s time to get real.  Maybe a few of your investors don’t use the Internet, but are you willing to bet on that until you retire?

2. By 2019, nearly all small business websites will be mobile-friendly.  Google’s official statement back in 2016, showed 60% of searches came from mobile devices such as phones or tablets.  These facts have prompted full reviews of major and small business websites to accommodate this huge segment.  If your website is so old, it can’t adjust itself to visitors’ screens, it’s time to update.  Pretty much every websites designer includes “responsive design” in the website package.  There’s no reason to have a static, unresponsive website.

3. Among businesses without a website, more than half (58%) plan to build one in 2018.  Remember that one-third of businesses without a website?  It’s about to become one-sixth.  If you are not planning on having a website built in 2018, you’ll be in the (17%) minority.  The industry is doing extremely well right now, it’s time to invest in a website while cash is flowing.

4. Businesses cite cost issues (26%) as a reason to not have a website.  Today, in 2018, money is rolling in.  Yes, it’s fun to buy another Porsche, but investing in your business should take priority while cashflow is plentiful.  Having a website can be the difference in surviving the next bear market and avoid crashing with it.  Focus right now on ways to generate as many leads as possible, don’t relax just because things are going well. Now’s the time to invest in increasing your lead funnel.

5. Irrelevance to industry (27%) as a reason to not get a website.  I don’t care if you’re in professional dog sledding, you need a website.  Sure, there are still some baby-boomers out there not searching Internet databases, but they are retiring and leaving the active market.  The Gen-Xers and Millennials are coming.  Will you be ready?

6. Social media (21%) as a decision not to have a website.  I used to be in favor of skipping social media in the commercial real estate industry.  Things have changed in the last 3 years.  I’ve personally seen viewership and activity in social media drastically increase in the CRE market.  We may not be as saturated as other industries, but we’re getting there.  Having a website is a great way for people on social media to learn more about your business.

Getting a website.  I would be happy to give you an amazing lead generating website that increases your lead funnel and brings in potential clients!  Check my website designs and see what I can do for you!