If you have a commercial real estate website, but it has yet to show any monetary value, consider focusing on conversions.  How most designers setup a commercial real estate website isn’t necessarily the best way to turn visitors into paying clients.  If you want your website to start working for its electrons, follow these steps!

1) Multiple points of contact.  All your pages should end with a way to get in touch with you.  Either a phone number or email form.

2) Short contact forms.  Asking for too much information will cause visitors to opt-out from contacting you. Marketing Sherpa did a study and found adding a field can lower the entries by 11%.  Before you start asking for birthdays, anniversaries, or zodiac signs, ask yourself if it’s worth lowering your conversion rates.

3) Use action verbs.  If you’re offering a free PDF e-book, consider using “GET PDF” or “DOWNLOAD” on the submit button.  An action can spur visitors into filling out their information better than plain-old “Submit.”

4) Use testimonials.  If you have testimonials, use them on your website!  Request permission to use you client’s logo or personal photo to give the testimonial more authority.  Don’t hide them on a separate “testimonials” page, show them at the bottom of every page that explains services.

5) Clearly state services.  In the 90s and early 2000s it was common place to use a thesaurus to bog down your mission statement to the status of “unreadable”.  Today, we expect companies to stop trying to impress us with their vocabulary and start explaining their services like normal human beings.  Break down your services into easy-to-understand bullet points or short paragraphs.

6) Video usage.  Adding a 50-second “overview” video has been shown to double conversions on a page.  Video tends to paint a clearer picture than plain images, making it easier for the visitor to understand your service offerings.

7) Social media feeds.  Consistently updated social media feeds will show that your company is awake and active.

9) Strong calls-to-action.  A free evaluation is nice, but it’s no different than what every commercial real estate agent is offering.  Consider offering an e-book or white paper in exchange for contact information.

10) Blog posts.  Writing on your target markets’ interests will not only keep them coming back, but offering free information keeps your conversion rates high.  Frequent blogging proves you’re the expert you claim you are.

11) Clear value proposition.  A value proposition is simply what you offer that no one else does.  This can be an effective process for selling properties, expertise in a certain building type or location, or clear strategies that are effective for <insert service here>.  Whatever your uniqueness – it needs to be spelled out clearly.  Don’t let your website be generic in hopes that they’ll call and allow a big reveal of your “value.”  That call will never come.  Advertise your unique skills as much as possible.

12) Story telling.  Use story telling to get your visitors emotionally involved.  Personally, I believe social media is huge because it makes the users feel connected without doing all the work of creating real relationships.  Story telling does the same thing for a website.  It helps website visitors become emotionally attached even when you’ve never met.

Getting a website to do more than “look pretty” is quite a challenge!  If you need help, we provide 100% Hands Free, Lead Generating Websites!  Check them out here!