I’ve found that many people looking for commercial real estate website design don’t know where to start.  Here are 8 tips to following when creating a commercial real estate website.

1. Clutter Free.  The concept of having little pieces of information all over your webpage is over.  Instead consider simple, graphical content that shows your basic services without being cluttered or overwhelming.

2. Google Friendly.  All websites should come with some basic SEO optimization.  A website designer should be writing and optimizing your meta tags for each page individually.  “Meta tags” are used by search engines to read the title and content of each page.  If these are not filled out, search engines may be reading the wrong information and dropping your rankings.

3. Mobile Friendly.  Studies show that by 2019, nearly all business websites will be mobile friendly.  Google published an official study back in 2016 showing that 60% of all web traffic came from mobile devices such as phones and tablets.  In today’s market, all websites should be mobile friendly or working to become responsive.

4. Inbound Leads.  This is where I specialize with Lead Generating websites, but you can create an inbound lead funnel out of your existing website too.  Using multiple calls-to-action, follow-up automation, trust building strategies and more can help build your website’s lead funnel.  To learn more about this, check out my 5 Steps to a Lead Generating Website.

5. Contacts stored.  Keeping your website contacts stored in your inbox is great, but difficult to make changes and update.  In addition to keeping your contacts in your email system, consider connecting your website to HubSpot or MailChimp to automatically store your leads as they come in.  No double entry!

6. Professional Branding.  If you work with a large brokerage, you may have to comply to certain branding standards.  Otherwise, you can go-it-alone.  But keeping it professional is key to trust building.  That means keeping your carnival color scheme and messy animated gifs to a minimum.  If you’re unsure what to use, check out the paint color combinations at a hardware store or do a google search for “navy blue color schemes,” for example.  This will give you a good starting point to a branding color palette that will work with your logo.

7. Simple Design.  A simple menu, large photography, and icons with titles is about all you need to get your website looking beautiful.  Too many streams and RSS feeds can clutter up the place.

8. Showcase services.  You don’t need a 5-paragraph essay on each service you provide.  A few sentences and a visual photo or icon will do the job!

Getting a website.  I would be happy to give you an amazing lead generating website that increases your lead funnel and brings in potential clients!  Check my website designs and see what I can do for you!