Smart commercial estate companies know in order to stay ahead of the competition, continually improving their properties’ online presence is a must. Every year there are always some new trends and development that influence property website design. If you are proactive (as you should be!), here are 4 best commercial real estate website ideas that can improve your real estate website design landscape.

Aim for simplicity + functionality
Gone are the days when you need to bombard your websites with tons of image and information. Keeping a minimalist look that focus on simplicity and functionality is now the best way to go. Minimalism in commercial real estate website design doesn’t only refer to simpler design elements, but should also include reduced and consolidated website copy. Our calls-to-action will be easier seen and acted upon by our users if we allow them to stand out and not drown in a sea of unnecessary text and content.

Does your commercial real estate website has too many menu options? Aside from copy, design experts are also zoning in on menu navigations. It’s best to offer only options that are main focal points, such as building information, location, amenities and contact information. Too many options can also reduce your site’s mobile functionality.

Use typography well
Typography, if used right, can help support your marketing messaging and design. It makes the act of reading effortless and can help reinforce important information. If you want your statement and value propositions to create a strong impact and make a lasting impression, big and bold typography can help. However, make sure to choose a typeface that is legible even on smaller, mobile screens.

Go for professional images
In the past years, we’ve seen just how effective full-width, professional images are to commercial real estate websites, thus we can expect to see more of this in the coming years. Commercial real estate companies know that using imagery can create that much needed attention – but make sure its not just any typical stock image. Go for original photos that represent your brand and values.

Another type of image that real estate websites can utilize is aerial photography. It’s a different way to showcase your listing’s best features and benefits, and an added value that goes beyond the typical front façade photo.

Maximize Google Maps
Google maps has become an integral part of any real estate website – and for good reason. Most commercial real estate website visitors rely on Google Maps to see current businesses, properties and amenities around their prospect property and use it to make buying decision. Using a visually rich and well-designed map can definitely create a unique and memorable experience for your users and draw potential buyers in.

These are just some of the best commercial real estate website ideas you can use to update your website. Do you have any others ideas to contribute? Share in the comment below!