It’s difficult to get people to stay on your website.  Here are a few pointers for your commercial real estate website design to engage users.  Getting potential clients to contact you from your website can be easy when you have an engaging design.

Design for Eye Candy. Graphics, colors, and layout make a big difference in keeping people on your website and clicking. Concentrating on a good design will keep visitors engaged much more than a boring run-of-the mill website.  If your company colors are dark, dull tones off-set the color scheme with vivid photos and eye-catching illustrations.  There’s no excuse for an ugly website!  A good designer can pretty-up any awful, corporate-forced color scheme.

Simplify your Content. If you want to make me barf just tell me, “My business is so complex that I need all 5 pages of explanation for a consumer to begin to understand!” You’re not turning in an essay to Virginia Woolf, you’re trying to sell services.  Even complex business models can be summed up with a pricing table.  Separate your services into about 3 easy-to-understand options.  Show what your consumer will get (marketing, mailers, etc.) for different commissions.  Or outline your marketing strategy for each listing with simple bullet points – higher value properties get the top tier while low value properties get the bottom tier.

Simplify Complex Content. OK, so if #2 wasn’t applicable to you, “I can’t simplify my commercial mortgage process, Brandy!” Don’t panic, I have a solution. Video explainers are big right now, and you can set one up with Raw Shorts very easily!  Input all your information, use their templates and before you know it – BAM!  You have a video that explains even the most complex services in an easy and engaging way.

Blogging. Getting people to return on a continuous basis is difficult, but can be achieved by a relevant blog. Write articles that your target audience would like to read.  You don’t have to get too crazy (unless you have a very competitive market), just once or twice a month would be enough to keep the average consumer engaged with your website.  For competitive markets, consider writing a blog post every week.

About Us Page. People process information better when it’s a story. Tell about how you got into commercial real estate, what interests you, who you’ve worked for and what you did.  Pretend like you’re telling your story to the friendly bar-keep.

Social Validation. People need social validation in this plugged-in, non-human world. A short story can make a connection faster than a bullet point list of accomplishments.  While a side scrolling list of logos to show your former and current clients is great, accompany with it a short story on how you solved a problem for one of these companies.  What did you do when they were looking for a new space?  Did you do a list of comparables, map out best possibilities that coincide with their budget?  These are things your potential client would love to read about.  Just don’t get overly wordy!  A few sentences under each logo would be fine!

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