I hear a lot of excuses about why people think they don’t need commercial real estate websites.  Here are six common statements that I will dispute.

1. My clients don’t use the Internet. I’m sorry, but I’m calling B.S. on this statement. According to LoopNet’s “Commercial Real Estate Consumer Online Behavior Study” (download here) 80% of commercial real estate investors and tenants agreed that they rely on the Internet for their CRE information needs.  Over half of them began their search for properties online using a search engine (like Google).  This means, if you’re not showing up on Internet searches, you’re likely missing out on over 50% of the deals.

2. I’ve been doing fine without it. Fair sentiment, but how long will this last? Are you willing to bet all your current clients will be steadily making deals until your retirement?  The truth is, many of the current commercial real estate investors are baby boomers that are nearing retirement age.  It’s likely you’ll have a few amazing years if they decide to “cash out” their properties, but then you’ll be twiddling your thumbs wondering if Gen X is ever going to give you a call.

3. I focus on sales generation, not geeky stuff. More than 2.4 billion people use the internet daily. By not having a website, you’re missing a huge piece of this pie.  Also, there’s no reason for you to “geek-out” and create your own website.  Talented website designers can take care of all the internet work for you, leaving you to handle only the sales generation.  Leave the lead generation to us!  (See the Lead Gen Website.)

4. My clients will call me, I don’t need a website. Of course, they’ll call you! What if your brokerage closes?  What if you have “creative differences” with an owner and leave?  What if a new agent gets hired and drives you insane?  Even if you don’t foresee leaving your company anytime soon, you need an exit strategy.  Make it easy for clients to contact you.  Just because you’ve sent one email, “This is my new email and company…” doesn’t mean they’re going to keep / remember it.  Having your own website bridges the gap between you and your broker.  Meaning, you can leave your current situation and your clients can still easily find you with a simple Google search.  If they call your old brokerage, they’re likely to get pressured to change agents, so having that extra security will keep them close.

5. Websites don’t close deals. You’re right, websites don’t close deals, they open them. A website is a 24/7 customer service station that answers questions when you’re not available; even on holidays and at 3:00 am.  A website’s job should be to constantly feed you leads that will turn into closed deals.  Great websites will do the follow-up for you!

6. Websites don’t bring in leads. If your website is not geared to bring in leads, this is true. To be successful in bringing in leads, it’s best to have multiple ways to get that contact information.  This can be offering white papers, requiring contact information before property brochures are distributed, offering free consultations, property valuations, and more.  Every page on your website should be geared towards getting a website visitor to contact you.

If this is all a bit overwhelming, I get it.  It’s time to get a website while the market is hot rather than sit on your hands and wait for another downturn.  The difference between you making it through the next bear market will be your ability to gather leads as quickly and efficiently as possible.  Keeping your leads high and your cash flowing should be the number one priority.

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