Let’s face it.  We’ve been afraid of hiring the Millennials.  We’re afraid that they’ll never come in on time, constantly leave early, require constant emotional reassurance and…scariest of all…that we’ll spend time and money training them while they silently plot to leave.  That’s the biggest worry, that this new generation doesn’t have any loyalty.  It’s not true, Millennials will be loyal to management that understands them.

“I want to feel important.”  Millennials want to be help with the company’s overall mission.  Are you worried that your business can’t possibly offer that?  Think again!  No matter where you want to hire a Millennial, they can help with the overall big picture.  Let them help with things they like social media presence, marketing ideas, managing materials, building content, researching industry trends, writing posts for the company blog, pretty much everything you hate doing, they love.  Capitalize on it!

“I want to save the world.”  Saving the world is easy…sort of.  Some animal shelters welcome companies to bring in employees to play with and walk the pets.  Some fun ideas to benefit children like Cookies for Kid’s Cancer encourages bake sales to benefit fund raising.  Book drives, food drives, clothing drives, walking for a cause, and bingo (with buy-ins that go to charity) will not only battle the monotony of the workplace but benefit your community.  It’s also important to tell you, these strategies only work if they’re actually during work-hours.  Your charity events should never require your employees to work on their time off.

” I job-hop to learn more.”  Once they’ve mastered something, they’re over it.  Keep them interested by letting them do more stuff…that’s right…they want more stuff to do.  If you don’t have the charity event system in place, let the Millennial manage those efforts.  If they don’t have the skills to do the things you want, like pay-per-click advertising, provide online training courses that they can take during work hours.  Millennials cherish their time off, the moment you offer learning that must take place during off-time, they’ll be resistant.  Remember, these efforts are to keep Millennials in the company and productive.  Devoting work-time to learning is productive and shouldn’t be thought of as “down-time.”

“When you promised, ‘flexible schedule’ in the job posting, I thought you meant it. Again, Millennials cherish their time off.  They don’t understand the structure of 8am to 5pm.  Actually…does anyone?  Face-time isn’t the same as productive-time.  Focus on setting goals based on finishing projects instead of coming in exactly at 8am.  If your Millennial is doing quality work and turning it in on time, do you really need to spend energy being upset about coming in at 9:30am?  As long as projects and job duties are being done, in the grand scheme of things is face-time a big deal?

“I won’t work myself to death for company profits.”  Understanding Millennials is easier than you think.  They’ve spent a lifetime watching their parents wage-slave in a boring, dead-end job, often for 12-hour days (they were children during the 80s).  Over time they came to the conclusion, “I don’t want my parents’ life.”  The good news is Millennials want to work, in fact, they want to work on more projects and learn more skills than their parents.  However, this generation is not willing to give up their lives for your company.  Encourage productivity while downplaying the importance of face-time.  Personal life and work are equally important to a Millennial.  Work will not take priority, nor will personal agendas.  Work-life and personal-life are equally important to them.  The world is changing and we need to be understanding and flexible.