We can get a little bit stuck sometimes on advertising ideas.  You don’t need to do a huge blockbuster commercial or infomercial to get your name out there. Instead, think smaller and more local. Here are a few tips that will get your commercial real estate business on the map.

1. Local online business directors. If you’re not on Yelp, Yahoo! and Google this should be number one priority. It’s free and fairly easy to setup. Just a few hours of your time and your business will be on the local search. Offering monthly drawings for prizes like iPads or cash will incentivize people to leave favorable reviews. Follow-up with current clients and request they review your business online to increase your rankings.

2. Press release to local publications. Newspapers, business magazines, real estate publications and alumni news encourage people to send information on your company, recently closed transactions and new business ventures. This is usually as simple as making calls to these publications and requesting an email address. Sometimes they’ll run your story, sometimes they won’t. But sending in information is how you’ll stay top-of-mind, especially if they’re thinking about doing an interview or article about CRE.

3. Donations. Many schools, universities, donation centers or other non-profit organizations will link your website to theirs in exchange for donations. EDU and ORG websites are highly ranked in Google and other search engines, so not only will you be receiving advertising from the organization, but your website may get higher rankings in Google searches.

4. Chamber of commerce. The networking functions at the Chamber of Commerce can be worthwhile or a waste of time. Joining the chamber and trying it out is the only way to know for sure! Sometimes, the chamber will provide a link and logo of your business to your website. You may also be able to sponsor events such as brunches or golf outings to get some exposure.

5. Better Business Bureau. Having your BBB rating as A+ can open some doors to potential clients, especially the kind that research their CRE agent thoroughly before making a final decision. This also puts you in their database as “A+” members.

6. Social media. Follow local groups associated with your business and other CRE people around the world. This will bring in some good exposure.

7. Pay-per-click advertising. You can create Google AdWords that only run in your specific city and state. Set this to run when people are searching for keywords like “office space” or “shopping centers for lease” and you’ll be at the top of every local search.