1. Local online directories. Most of your web traffic will come from local visitors looking for commercial real estate businesses in their area.  Sign your business up for Yelp, Yahoo! Local and Google Maps.

Are you an individual agent? Consider getting a UPS box. This will give you a business mailing address (avoid broadcasting your home address) to use for the local directories.

2. Press releases. Spend a day Google searching for your local magazines, newspapers and business gazettes.  Most editorials will have a list of contacts. With this information you’ll be able to email your press releases. Send these contacts a simple email containing property details, how much it sold/leased, property photo and information on seller, buyer or leasing business.  Some press releases will be picked up while others won’t. The likelihood of your stories being printed will depend on the news flow for that week.

3. Joining valid organizations. Because commercial real estate is so specialized, I never recommend that you sponsor, attend or join generic organizations for the “you never know” value. However, well-known organizations like the Better Business Bureau and your local Chamber of Commerce can be great resources. If nothing else, showing that you’re a member of either organization gives clients a feeling that you’re more established than a non-member. Sponsoring webpages and events may be an inexpensive way to bring in new clientele, especially for tenant representation.

4. Sponsoring charity. Volunteering and sponsoring under your company name can be a good way to bring in tenant representation clients. Donating t-shirts with the event name on the front and your company logo on the back can be great for long-term advertising. The average shelf-life for promo items like shirts and coffee mugs is approximately 3 years. Consider donating high quality promo items that people will keep. Sorry but, low cost notepads, stickers, mini calendars and low quality giveaways have the lifespan of a fruit fly.

5. Pay-per-click advertising. If your website is new or struggling for high rankings on Google, Bing or Yahoo, you may want to consider pay-per-click advertising. It’s not easy, so be sure to read informative guides like Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords before you begin a campaign.

6. Blogging. Easier said than done. Only start a blog if you actually plan on providing quality content on a regular basis. One paragraph entries or generic content won’t help your cause. Another idea is to hire a freelance writer to do 12 blog posts.  Setup your blog to post once a month for a whole year.  You can always rewrite the blogs so they’re more specialized to commercial real estate.

7. Targeted mailers. With Reonomy, gathering mailing information on potential clients has never been easier. Gathering a mailing list and sending them a series of sales letters and postcards with a clear call to action can be an easy way to gather leads. Click here for our ready-made mailers.