I hate it when things are difficult. I know you do too. Let’s focus on a few things we can do that will be easy and profitable. Gathering leads information, hiring a virtual assistant to research those leads, and finally contacting those leads. It sounds difficult and time consuming, but I’ll make it easy on you!

1) Reonomy. Follow the directions to pull contact information for commercial property owners in your area.   Gather up to 500 records at a time, although I suggest around 300 to keep things manageable. While Reonomy has a free trail, full access has a monthly fee.  You may want to gather your leads and end your subscription after a month or two of building a potential client spreadsheet.

2) Cold calling made easy. With Cloud Call Center, import your excel list and let it dial, leave voicemail messages, and skip busy tones for you.  All you have to do is sit back and give your sales pitch, the hard part is taken care of. Spend more time on a quality conversation and less on dialing, sorting and leaving voicemails until your throat goes numb.

Want to make cold calling even easier?  Voice Logic sends your message directly to voicemail – no ringing. Potential clients will have no idea it was an automated message and you can reach approximately 85% of your list in a matter of minutes. Call the left over 15% at your leisure.

3) Mailing to your list. Cold calling just isn’t enough to stay in the game. You need multiple touches to gain the interest of a modern-day consumer. Fortunately, we provide a series of mailers to send to each demographic of commercial real estate.  Investors, landlords or tenants can be purchased and edited for your own use.  Upload your list directly into VistaPrint and send postcards easily or print address labels to mail the ready-made sales letters.  Setup your mailers ahead of time and drop them on specific dates to increase the ease of your marketing plan.

4) Keep it simple.  The easier you make things for yourself the more likely you’ll stick to it!  Keep your marketing plan simple, you can always add to it later.