As the competition increases in the commercial real estate sector, marketing has never been so important. Luckily, there are plenty of exciting and innovative ways to implement a unique and compelling marketing strategy.

While commercial real estate agents need to prioritize building client relationships, well-deployed marketing strategies can be the first step towards generating leads and creating favorable brand recognition. These strategies will ultimately make sales conversions easier, earning you more clients and higher revenues.

To make a great first impression and boost your business, consider one of these top five marketing ideas for your commercial real estate business.

1. Create a dynamic Infographic
Want to create a readable and interesting piece of content that will grab your readers? Too much information presented in a dense way means potential customers won’t read it. If you present too little information, there will be nothing to associate with your brand and catch your clientele. An infographic is the perfect balance of valuable content and attractive graphics. This will captivate the reader with interesting and useful content and will significantly boost your brand.

2. Engage your users on social media
Posting on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can be a great way to engage and interest your potential clientele. When you are active on your social media accounts, don’t be afraid to jump on the bandwagon of another user’s success. If you see a trending or otherwise hot topic, get involved and share your thoughts about how it has impacted your business. Remember to make sure that it will not offend and is politically correct before posting, as you don’t want to make headlines for the wrong reasons. Get ready to join the conversation and win loyalty from your users.

3. Create Location Guides
Businesses need compelling reasons to relocate to specific areas. By reading your interesting and informative location guides, including demographics, growth trends and house-hold income data. Clients will see your local knowledge when you layout sectors of growth, epically in retail. Based on your in-depth expertise, customers are more likely to choose you as their commercial real estate agent. Impress them with your detailed and meticulous information and you are sure to win more business. (Consider using this information to create your infographic!)

4. Create Handy Videos
Purchasing or leasing commercial space is a daunting task for any business, whether big or small. Creating video guides about the process and what’s involved will certainly put potential clients at ease and will give them a strong sense of trust. Make the videos engaging and entertaining, and ensure that the truly convey the message of your brand.

5. Explain Your Services
An explainer video is a great concept that allows your business to showcase all your unique selling points and show customers why you are their agent. With an explainer video, you can pitch your business without being overbearing. A well-produced video does not have to cost a ton of cash, but it will explain your value and will also show your personality as a business.