Often ignored by commercial real estate industry, social media is quickly becoming the most important aspects of digital marketing.  Reaching thousands of potential clients worldwide…for free!  If you are not applying this profitable source, you are missing out on a huge marketing opportunity.  Here are a few reasons why social media marketing is important for commercial real estate.

1. Improved Brand Awareness.  Social media can drastically improve your band awareness.  Create your business pages and start by connecting with some of your business partners and colleges.  By spending only a few hours each week, you can dramatically increase your brand awareness.  Over 91% of marketers claim their social media efforts greatly increased visibility.

2. Cost-effective.  Social media is one of the most cost-effective ways to market your business in commercial real estate.  Creating accounts and posting updates are free for almost all social networking platforms.  Paid advertising can also be added to give your account a little boost in followers and increase the reach of your message.  By just investing a little money and time, you can increase your lead funnel and traffic to your website.  (Don’t have a website? I have Bargain, Custom and Lead Gen website packages available!)

3. Engage with your potential clients.  Social media is a great way to engage with your clients and potential clients in a meaningful way.  The more you communicate with your audience, the higher your conversion rate will be.  Answer questions, share other peoples’ posts, comment on articles, and give your opinion.  These are great ways to get noticed in the social media world!

4. Improved loyalty.  When consistently engaged with current and potential clients, the more they feel connected with you.  Developing a loyal follower base is one of the main goals in any business, it makes sense that social media followers will feel a sense of trust and loyalty with your social media efforts.  People love that they can connect with you so easily and effectively.

5. Client satisfaction.  With the help of social media platforms, creating your voice is easy.  Clients love when they post comments or share your information, they receive a reply from a human.  In our automated world, social media connects humans with other humans.  Taking time to compose personal messages will be perceived positively!

6. Authority.  Especially, if you’re just starting out, a great way to showcase your commercial real estate industry knowledge is by the utilization of social media!  When potential clients see you posting on social media, and engaging with clients like them, they’ll see you are truly helping people with needs similar to their own.  Regularly interacting will prove that you care about your clients, building your trust and loyalty.

Need help with your Social Media management?  Contact me!  I have a business partner that can setup and manage all your social media accounts.