While digital marketing is now leading form of advertising, this does not mean that you should forget your local clientele and more traditional marketing strategies. Local advertising can help your business become a part of the community.

Do you want to boost your name recognition in the local area? Then try some of these profitable local advertising ideas for your commercial real estate business.

1. Photographs can make all of the difference

Photographs are one of the most important aspects of your business and often the first impression that you make to your clientele, so make sure they are of the highest quality. Your photos should be spread far and wide, and showcase them locally through flyers, posters and newspapers. Photographs are a necessary marketing investment for any commercial realtor, so make sure these are high-quality and get seen by as many people as possible.  Yes, this is an excuse to buy that fancy camera you want.

2. Be a part of an event

If there is a community event in your area, then consider sponsorship or purchasing a booth. This may be running a stall at a local business fair or giving away freebies at an event. When you get out to the local community, you’ll find the community will come to you. People like to give business to firms they feel a local connection with.  Ensure you access this client base that is right at your doorstep.

3. Referral requests are key

Nothing is as valuable as a word of mouth, personal referral. One of the best ways to advertise your business is through your existing or previous customers. Offer a referral program, and your business message will spread through word of mouth. The glowing reviews from your past clients are sure to hook new clients and encourage them to want to work with you above all others.

4.Give great presentations

Running presentations is an effective way to explain your brand and communicate about your business. Make sure that your presentation is engaging and useful. It is important to give your potential clients something of value to them, rather than just an obvious sales pitch. Spend time on your sales presentations and treat them like they are a make or break experience – you will find that they often are just that.

5. Create a professional network group

A professional network is a great way to gather like-minded people from throughout the community. Consider holding a forum or sharing your workspace every month to build recognition and community spirit. A meet-up group to discuss local news and issues can also be a valuable advertising mechanism for your local area. You will find that your members will bring their own friends and colleagues, and before long you will have an extensive network to whom you can rely upon for business.