A career in commercial real estate can be extremely rewarding for individuals who work according to a plan and focus on self-improvement.  A client must be willing to trust the agent and understand what skills the agent has brought to the property challenge, as without those two, the listings aren’t going to happen, and the agent isn’t going to get a commission.

You can easily set yourself up for success and growth in the industry if you have developed a growth mindset regarding knowledge and skills. So, what skills make an ideal commercial real estate agent? Here are some of them:

1.    Never Forget a Face

Commercial real estate is all about making lots of connections, and you must be comfortable cold calling strangers, chatting with someone you met, and earning the trust of a client you don’t know. It’s all about building a new business, and you must maintain relationships in and outside your company to execute a marketing plan or move a business better than your competitors. Best and Newest CRE Cold Calling Techniques.

2.    Be Great with Numbers

If you love combing through data, then a career in commercial real estate can be a rewarding one for you as the best commercial real estate agents differentiate themselves by offering clients with market demographic studies, financial analysis, and local research.

Having a passion for data to identify trends that will help clients get ahead of the curve. The best commercial real estate firms have agents with a clear understanding of the local market.

3.    The Ability to Never Give Up

You must ensure that you never give up as persistence is one of the hallmarks of a great commercial real estate marketing professional. From finding new lease opportunities to new sales to resolving landlord-tenant issues, you can’t stop calling until you get the best outcome for your clients.

4.    Can Work at Odd Hours

Don’t like working a 9 to 5 job? Then you’ve come to the right place as commercial real estate agents are constantly traveling to and from office. They may be studying rent rolls one minute and heading out to visit an exciting development the next minute. If you want a dynamic career where you can set your own hours, and get back as much as you put in, then this is the career for you.

5.    You’re Naturally Curious

A great commercial real estate agent is aware that what they don’t know is as important as what they do know. An important advantage to have is keen knowledge of the local market, and that knowledge will only come about by asking the right questions. You must be naturally curious about the market and have a mental list of questions ready to go; only then will you be able to make it as a commercial real estate agent.