When I explain my email follow-up system to commercial real estate agents and brokers, sometimes I get the question, “Didn’t the ‘Promotions’ folder in Gmail kill your open rates?”  …No…no it didn’t.  In fact, there was no change in my open rates.  This includes both my newsletter and follow-up system.

That begs the question of why my open rates were unaffected while almost everyone else in the industry saw a seriously negative effect?  The answer is simple.  High Quality Content.  Seth Godin would sum this up as “Would they miss you if you left?”  (More on Noticed vs. missed.)

I went dark for a few months during medical leave and received several requests to “resend” my non-existent newsletters because they must have lost them.  At the time, I found it annoying.  “I’m allowed to miss three newsletters!!!”  Today, I look back and realize my content is high enough quality that people noticed when I was gone.  Nice!

How can this be replicated?  How can your newsletters be so high-quality that people won’t hit “delete” in their “Promotions” folder?

It ain’t easy, and it’s going to take time and effort.  Writing high-quality articles is key to getting yourself out there.

1. Choose Subjects for your Audience.  I would love to write about the theories of using black and dark gray font, but commercial real estate agents would swipe left.  Instead, I write tips on how to make your commercial real estate business more profitable!  What does your target market want to read?  Tips on how to increase their lease rates with new tenants?  Steps on how to avoid bad lease agreements?  The difference between investing in retail or industrial?  Whatever it is, start writing!

2. Test your Subjects.  Eventually you’ll have enough data to see what subjects are hot and what are not.  Maybe your target market doesn’t care about industrial warehouses, but they click feverishly on how to find undervalued office buildings.  Use your data to build more content your audience enjoys.

3. Using Intriguing Titles.  Cosmopolitan has the best headlines in the industry.  It’s fun to go through Cosmo covers and reword their amazing headlines to work with commercial real estate.  Here’s one to work with!!

Behind the Landlord’s Door.  Wow!  The Lease Rate Minimizer that only 50% of Tenants know.

Getting your Vacant Office Space to Look and Feel Move-in Ready!

The Marketing Audit.  Make 2018 Hot Advertising Trends Work for you!


4. Maintaining consistency.  I never spam my list with a bunch of crap from people trying to pay me for use or crappy products/services.  You only get pure, honest information from me.  Also, it’s always on the last week of the month – no surprises.  Keeping consistent is key when getting people to tune in month after month, year after year.