When it comes to generating commercial real estate leads, a clearly defined process is key. The funnel will use multiple collection points to pull contact information.  Email marketing platforms can identify which clients are the most engaged and provide an easy platform to keep in touch with leads.

We are going to highlight steps to create a lead funnel for your business.

1.    Setting up Collection Points

The first stage of the lead funnel process is setting up reasons for your potential clients to opt-in to your email list. This can be done with offers like, “Sign up for newsletter”, “Download free eBook”, “See Market Report”, “Free consultation”, “Free Property Valuation”.  These are all great ways to collect contact information in exchange for helpful information.

2.    Collection of Contact Info

Connecting your contact forms to an email marketing platform like Mailchimp or Constant Contact will keep all your leads in one easy place.  Now you can send email announcements like “Just Sold” “Recently Listed”.  Consistently keeping in touch with your potential clients is key to being top-of-mind when they’re ready to buy, sell or lease.

3.    Identifying Targets and Prospects

After you’ve engaged with your potential clients, you can rank them the engagement scale. Remember that not every person you contact is going to be a prospective new client. It’s important to target clients who you want to make clients, and these could be those who have downloaded content or have expressed interest after being engaged.  An email marketing platform like Mailchimp or Constant Contact can help you sort who’s the most engaged for additional follow-up like mailers and phone calls.

4.    Continual Engagement with Clients

Not all your potential clients are going to be ready to sign a contract right away. They may just have been looking for more information or just testing the water. However, these leads are valuable and need to be consistently engaged, and that can be done through newsletters, social media efforts or even a sales call.

5.    Consistency is Key

Be patient.  Lead funnels are built to continually feed contact information into your marketing efforts.  The more entry points you have – newsletter signup, ebooks, market research, etc. – the more likely you’ll pull in multiple leads.  Keep in touch consistently.  I have clients that have been reading my newsletters for years before they finally contacted me.  You will have the same reactions from your leads!