Commercial real estate marketing strategies can help overcome market volatility.  Only mortuaries have predictable stability in their market!  …And perhaps the tax man.  The rest of us will need to deal with occasional volatility in our market places.  Commercial real estate is no exception.  Here are some strategies to boost your business during a downturn.

eBooks.  One of the easiest ways to gain conversions (getting clients to contact you) is by offering an ebook.  An ebook is a long article (4+ pages) about a subject your target market would find interesting.  For instance, “10 Tips to Negotiate your Next Lease” or “5 Tips to Get More Foot Traffic”.  These are a great way to prove you’re the expert.  Whether or not you have a ton of listings is irrelevant if you provide a well-researched piece of information.  No time to write?  I have pre-written ebooks available with purchase of a website package.

Website.  Using your owned media (like a website, social media accounts, etc.) is a great and inexpensive way to advertise your commercial real estate business services cheaply during a slump.  Your website will be the hub for all your online marketing activities, as they will all point to your website in a “learn more” capacity.  Once your website is developed, it’s cheap to maintain and 100% measurable.  I have several website packages for all budgets!

Tracking your Website.  There are some amazing tracking software options for websites.  Google Analytics is always a great choice, but it doesn’t really give you some of the sales tools you need.  There are ways to integrate your website into Sales Force or MailChimp to collect data from the folks that fill out the forms.  I use a great tracking tool that collections how many times users return to the website, ranks them by interest level and gives you a play-by-play of what they’ve downloaded and viewed.  This software is standard with all website packages!

Blog Articles.  Content strategies like blogging are truly the king of search engine optimization efforts.  Constantly producing high-quality articles will keep you in the search engines, often first page or higher.  Don’t get discouraged if it’s not working after a few months, it takes over a year for Google to start ranking you as a local expert.  Remember, most online businesses come and go within a year of start-up.  Google usually won’t take a website seriously until at least a year of consistent article producing.  Keep it up! 7 Tips to Starting a Blog.

Social Media.  Another great way to keep-in-touch without spending a ton of money is social media efforts.  Most accounts cost nothing to maintain, just time and energy.  A Hootsuite account can consolidate your efforts by allowing you to post in all your social media accounts with one central dashboard.  Offer your ebook and articles from your website on social media to encourage repeat traffic.  6 Reasons Social Media is Important for CRE.

Email Strategies.  Integrating your website into your email system, personally, I love Mailchimp.  But email strategies are an amazing way to keep top-of-mind.  Using a monthly newsletter, or announcing recently listed / sold properties is a great way to stay in touch.  Email Drip Campaigns can Boost your Marketing.