Cold emailing is a numbers game. Expect to send around 100 emails weekly and receive a handful of responses. You should definitely save cold emails that make you do the impossible, i.e., make you click on the link, or hit the reply button. That’s because in sales, it is extremely difficult to sell to the salesman, and if someone has created a cold email that you replied to, it is an outlier that must be studied.

Save these cold emails, and use them as templates to create your own cold emails. Writing a cold email can be difficult for commercial real estate agents, but we have some hot tips that will help you out. These include:

1.    Be Clear in Your Subject Line

You can tell if your subject line is good or not by the open rates of your cold emails. A poor open rate means that it is time you thought about changing the subject line. The weird thing is that some of the best open rates for cold emails are only 3 or 4 words long, and are generally the person’s name or the company’s name. Be straight to the point in your subject line.  Also check out, 4 Ways to Get Leads without Cold Calling.

2.    Don’t Introduce Yourself

It’s best not to be too formal when it comes to cold emails, and that means not introducing yourself to your target audience. If the person doesn’t know what your goal is right off the bat, they will hit delete and move on, so it is better to cut right to the chase.  5 Ways Email Marketing Increases Leads.

3.    Open with a Pain Point

You don’t need to open up with something that is thrown in their face, but rather, you should address a pain point that someone else is feeling. You must be subtle in your approach and paint yourself as the savior for the company experiencing a similar problem. More ideas on 6 Steps to Identify a CRE Pain Point.

4.    Be Familiar

This is the part where you will mention that you are aware of their needs because their needs are similar to other clients. For a more personal touch, research what they provide and provide the client with a solution.  How to Build a Remarkable CRE Brand.

5.    Show How the Pain Point Is Resolved

Share your stories of how you have helped out other companies that have shared similar problems to get them interested in you. Email Campaigns that can Boost your CRE Marketing.