Everyone says marketing is key to getting your message heard and bringing in leads.  You may think you don’t have the budget to do marketing, but here are 6 cheap commercial real estate marketing strategies for your marketing plans.

1. Social Media.  I know, I know.  If you have to read one more blog about how you HAVE to get on social media, you’re going to be sick.  But, seriously, it’s time.  You can kill most of the annoyingness of social media by getting a Hootsuite account.  It will integrate all your social media accounts so you’ll be able to post once and have it show on all your platforms immediately.  You can also schedule posts for the future and answer replies directly from the program.  Download the mobile app to keep-in-touch on the go!  Hootsuite is $29/mo.

2. Videos.  If your computer didn’t come with a web cam, buy a cheap one and a tripod for about $40.  YouTube is free to upload videos, but if you hate the ads YouTube adds, Vimeo will set you back about $20/mo.  A lot of times video editing software comes with your webcam purchase or it’s already loaded on your computer.  iMovie comes with Macs, and Movie Maker 10 comes with a Microsoft 365 subscription.  Either way, no one will expect you to be a graphics wiz.  Your viewers will want good, helpful content.  Even if your video is filmed from your phone, if it’s interesting, people will watch!  $40 of equipment.

3. Email Marketing.  You likely have a list of current and past clients.  Why not put these folks into Mailchimp and send them a monthly newsletter or some announcements?  Mailchimp starts at $0/mo.

4. Paid Email Marketing.  There are services online that will send your advertisement or announcement to their list of over 100k emails for $59 and up.  That’s a lot of folks!  Blast off that property that won’t sell, or announce a service to potential investors.  More info on Purchasing CRE Email Lists.  $59+ per Email.

5. Website.  I’m a broken record about this, but YES, you need a website.  You can’t depend on your broker to tell your story, funnel your leads and follow-up.  You are in charge of your personal brand.  A website is a hub that all your other marketing efforts will stem from.  Your brochures, OMs, social media profiles, and emails will all be centered around getting people to your website.  Your website will then act as a funnel (requesting contact info in exchange for an ebook or other), they will be tracked, have a follow-up email system, and a monthly newsletter.  All of these pieces working together will build a solid lead funnel!  See the Bargain Websites to get started!

6. Blogging.  Producing high quality articles is a great way to gain traffic to your website!  You can also use the articles in your social media, newsletter, and promotional efforts.  This is also the best way to gain rankings in Google.  The more content marketing you do, the better chances you have at the 1st page.  Blogging $0.

7. eBooks.  Creating an eBook is a great way to earn trust in your market place.  Write an honest, helpful piece (5-10 pages) about a subject your target market would be interested.  Something like, “10 Things your Commercial Real Estate Broker Won’t Tell You.”  Offer this on your website in exchange for contact information and watch your leads pour in!  Often times, after a lead has read your eBook, they’ve already made the decision to work with you!