Building a successful commercial real estate marketing plan can be a daunting task.  I suggest you take these elements and apply them one-by-one until they’re all in place.   Taking things one element at a time will keep you from getting overwhelmed or frustrated by expenditure and amount of work each will take.

Listing Marketing.  I think this is the number one concern for potential clients.  If you have a solid marketing plan for listings, you’ll convert a lot more prospects to clients.  Have standard checklist for each listing including: (1) Place listing on LoopNet, CoStar, and Xceligent.  (2) Brochure design.  (3) Sales letter and brochure to potential tenants/buyers in 3-mile radius.  (4) Email listing to sales agents in the area.  (5) If no activity within 5 months, repeat #3 and #5, possibly send postcards.  Premier listings can add-on a postcard series, a dedicated website, and maybe an interactive 360-video.  Learn more about Marketing your Listings.

Website.  Even if your brokerage has a website, you may want to consider getting one just for you.  With your own website, if you decide to leave your brokerage, clients and prospects will still be able to find you with a Google search.  However, once you have been taken off the broker’s website, they’ll be reverting all those leads to agents within their team.  Make it easy for clients to find you and bring in leads on your own!  Getting a website can be easy.  Check out our lead generating websites.  Learn more about Hiring a Website Company. 

Email Marketing.  Emails are one of the easiest and cheapest ways to market yourself or your properties.  No idea what to send?  Newsletters are a great way to keep in touch.  If you have a website with blog, send out your articles along with your most recent listings, both new and leased/sold.  Keeping your prospect list engaged will help them remember you when they’re finally ready to buy/sell or lease space.  See the Email Templates.

Networking.  Industry conventions are one of the best places to network. NAIOP, CCIM and ICSC has some great events.  There also may be some great, local conventions in your area to join.  Also, consider what your target market may attend.  For instance, if your specialty is restaurant retail pads, you may want to consider going to National Restaurant Association.

Cold Calling.  Don’t spend 90% of your time dialing and talking to voicemails when there are plenty of amazing services that will contact hundreds of prospects in an instant.  Direct to voicemail services are inexpensive and can save you hundreds of hours.  Pre-record a voicemail message and auto-send to your list with a click of a button!  It skips the ring and goes directly to voicemail.  Or did you know 26% of text messages get read?  Consider a mass text service that will blast info on your most recent listing, open house and more!  Learn more best cold calling techniques.

Mailers.  The biggest piece of advice I have for all mailers is to separate your list.  Landlords, Tenants, and Investors should each get their own direct mail series.  None of these people want a letter that says you do all these things.  We’re living in a world of “ME”.  You need to appeal to them alone.  Landlords want to know how you’ll lease their vacant space.  Investors want to know what you’ll do to sell their property.  Tenants want to know how you’ll research available space to find their best location.  They each need a different skill set.  No idea how to start?  We have a series of postcards, sales letters and white papers for each target market!  See Direct Mail Templates.

Signage.  This is a personal pet peeve of mine.  Signage should only be used to advertise your property.  This is not a tool to promote yourself, you do not need your name on it.  Here is the order of importance for your sign’s info: #1 Phone number, #2 Sale or Lease, #3 Building Info, #4 Logo.  The purpose of a sign is to bring in potential buyers or lessees, not to promote you.  If you want a sign with your name and photo, rent a billboard!  Learn more about signage designs.