Can a human face help your commercial real estate marketing plan?  In a world full of bots using human-like AI, out-of-country companies spoofing U.S. phone numbers, and faceless mega corporations, people are searching for someone they trust.  The most successful companies have human faces.  Tesla is associated with Elon Musk, Apple had Steve Jobs, and Starbucks has Howard Schultz.  We’ve seen their pictures, heard their stories, and know their names.  Let’s talk about using a “human touch” to sell commercial real estate.

1. Using a photo. Putting your photo on materials may seem like a cheesy residential strategy, but now-a-days, people want to feel like they have a connection with their service provider. As consumers, we’re tired of faceless organizations taking our money and not giving us a second glance.  Begin to create a personal experience by using a photo of you being you.  Do you wear tank tops and yoga pants to work?  I do!  And that’s the photo I use!  Do you love Hawaiian shirts and hiking?  Use a photo of you hiking in your favorite Aloha shirt.  BE YOU!  The more human and real you are, the closer the connection.

2. Personal stories. One of the best ways to do emails and mailers is by adding personal experience. Did you have a hard time closing a multi-family property?  I want to read about it!  Give me real stories about your experience in commercial real estate.  Good or bad, it doesn’t matter.  People will feel connected to you when opening up on your decision to remarket an unmovable property.  Or even losing a sale is a great read.  Your experiences make great conversation topics.

3. Social Media. Keeping up with your social media is a great way to keep-in-touch with your prospects and clients. Posting relevant business articles, re-tweeting colleagues and keeping up with your newsfeed can be a daunting task.  But every social media post is a drop in the “trust bucket”.  The more mediums you use to reach your potential client base, the more they will trust you to take care of their commercial real estate needs.  Too busy?  We have social media management services!

4. Email funnels. Follow-up is extremely important. The best way to stay top-of-mind to future clients is keeping in touch.  An email newsletter is a great way to say “hello” on a monthly basis.  Keep it relevant to what your target market wants to read!  Don’t spend 3 months on contract tips – that may be interesting to you, but not them.  They want to hear about the retail market, how things are changing in the industry and how they can stay on-top of their competition.  Give them the information they want!  We also have email newsletter services!

5. Mailers. Sending out postcards (instead of letters in envelopes) can save you money. Services like VistaPrint will print and mail for cheap.  Use the same information from your Email Newsletter to ensure your target market sees that you’re keeping up with the latest news.  Also, unsubscribes may be off-limits to email, but mailing a postcard is fair game!  Keeping in touch with multiple mediums shows that you’re serious about your business and marketing.  See our mailer packages.

6. Google Alerts. Current clients want to feel like you’re paying attention. Setup Google Alerts for their full name or company name.  Send them a congratulations email when they show up in local newspapers or online.  Knowing that you are interested in their business will build trust instantly.

People buy on emotion and justify with logic (source).  It’s time to start giving people feelings about you and your business.  Everyone loves a great story!