I know what you’re thinking, marketing sucks.  I’ve been in marketing since 2004 and yet I still have the occasional mailer that bombed and new service that never received any traction.  Marketing is a learning process!  You try new things, analyze the results and make adjustments until you can finally put it on auto-pilot.  Like with all aspects of business, don’t give up!  It takes awhile to find that perfect mix.  Here are six marketing suggestions for commercial real estate agents that actually work!

1. Email Blasts with Major Providers. If you haven’t built an email funnel system (gathering emails for your persona distribution), there are providers that can send your message to thousands of subscribers at fairly low costs starting at $69 per email. These resources can be a great way to advertise “stuck properties” along with other provided services.  Some providers allow you to choose certain clientele – investors, commercial real estate agents, and industry specific lists.  With these tools, you can customize your content for relevancy.  Investors would want to learn about your new ground lease, your white paper, “10 Ways to Evaluate an Investment” and a list of links and blogs you haven written about the ins-and-outs of investing.  A commercial real estate agent may be interested in your available properties while an industrial manager will be interested in your warehouse for sale.  Keep in mind what your audience is interested in, and stay focused on a clear message!  It may be easier to do one email “Here are my services and a few available properties” but selling a mix to everyone at once won’t provide a good response rate.  It’s best to spilt the message by specific interests.

2. Local Advertising. Not long ago, in the dawning age of Internet advertising, I would highly suggest brokers setup their Google Business Accounts. Why?  Because huge companies that normally dominated the marketplace for some reason hadn’t caught onto local advertising.  Encouraging “Bill’s CRE” to claim his business in Google allowed Bill to rank #1 on Google, as his address would show closest to the website searcher’s location.  This gave local advertisers a huge advantage.  Today, CBRE and Grubb and Ellis may have finally caught on to this little trick, but a majority of smaller brokerages have not.  Take the 1-2 hours to claim your business on Google, as it will show your business as “closest provider” to searchers that are near to your location.  It provides a huge boost in Google rankings in the local market and should not be overlooked.  Here is some additional information on Local Advertising.

Note: I’m skipping “get a website” on this list because if you don’t have one…WHAT YEAR ARE YOU LIVNG IN?  See our Website Packages for every budget.

3. Email Funnels. Every website that’s purpose is lead generation should have a working Email Funnel. An Email Funnel basically offers something valuable, like a small PDF book, “5 Tips to Selling your Commercial Property” in exchange for the visitor’s email and other information.  Once they’ve filled out the form, they receive the PDF.  This information can be placed automatically into Mailchimp and/or Sales Force for your future use.  Send notifications on your upcoming properties, industry articles, thank them for downloading, provide a monthly newsletter.  Gathering this information is a gold mine!  Staying top-of-mind when clients are finally ready to buy, sell, or lease.  No time?  We provide a fully automated email funnel with monthly newsletter!

4. Social Media. Just a year ago, I advised not spending “too much” time on social media. I believed the time expenditure did not match the return-on-investment.  Today, I have a different view.  People make purchase decisions based on emotion and justify these decisions with logic.  If you want to turn Internet visitors into active clients, you need to build trust.  Social media is a great way to do this.  Providing relevant content such as industry articles, your blog posts, videos, and memes will keep you top-of-mind and consistently participating in an industry of your interest.  Keeping up with your social media can be a daunting process.  If you don’t have the time, consider our full-service Social Media Plan.

5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO). One of the best ways to get higher rankings in search engines like Google is to regularly provide new and relevant content. Blogs, video posts, articles and more can all help you achieve maximum success.  Additional considerations are speeding up your website with a higher priced server (that $6/month plan is great, but it ain’t fast) and a coder who can minimize your website’s server load by optimizing scripts, images, and more.  Meta Tags, Site Maps, and Robots.txt are also important ways your website speaks to search engines.  In order to truly maximize your website’s ranking, all of these factors need to be considered.  Not sure where to start?  We have two SEO packages available for every budget!

6. Mailers. If you’ve gathered information with an Email Funnel (from #3) then you likely have a list of unsubscribes. While it’s illegal for you to continue emailing these people, physical mailers are open game!  Create a series of postcards that match your newsletter’s content, send “Just listed in your area” and more!  Many postcard mailing services average about $1 per postcard printing and mailing.  The low expense is great when you’re sending mailers to a small group.