Marketing Plan in 30 Days: Day 7

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Commercial real estate stories are pretty much all the same.  “We have X years of experience and are the local experts…blah blah…”  How are you going to wake up potential clients and make them pay attention?

Think deeply about your services and the promises you are making to clients.  Are you delivering?  What does your brand stand for?  Breakthrough the mundane ways of commercial real estate to build something truly unique. Here are three tips that will help you tell your story without a mediocre story.

1. Start with the problem.  What kinds of problems do your potential customers have?  Are your competitors churning clients through a strict process, but you provide a fully customized solution?  Is it impossible to find someone who knows the downtown medical office in-and-out like you do?  Identify your personal strengths and match them with your potential client’s pain point.

2. Create tension.  Tension is the seed of thought that is planted in your prospect’s brain that grows into the idea that their life would be better with you in it.  I’ll outline a few ways you can do this as a commercial real estate agent or broker.

“Wow” with the unexpected.  Using a total new, unheard-of process like fully-digital, paperless – including all contracts signed online, online marketing, online databases, internet ads, etc..  Or a use virtual tours, drone videos, and other high-end only services for small listings.

Limit access.  It’s counterintuitive to limit access to your services, since you want deals rolling in, BUT limiting access to only a handful of specialties (example: medical office purchases) allows you to focus on one thing, become THE expert, and lower the time it takes you to research and prepare for a meeting/sales presentation.  This also gives a feeling of exclusivity to your current clients.

Managing control.  Whether you’re taking away someone’s control or giving them control over something they have never had before, the world of control is ripe for creating tension.  Example of giving control – at a large brokerage a prospect may not have control over signage – but you provide 3 different options.  Example of removing control – the idea of a fully customized plan may be too much for a busy investor, instead, offer a set marketing process for each listing.

Showcase other successes.  Testimonials and case studies are great way generate the “fear of missing out”.  Sally X from Acme lowered her lease rate by 7% by hiring you to negotiate her terms of agreement – “What am I waiting for?  I want a discount too!”  Getting testimonials can be time consuming, but it’s worth the work.

3. Continue sharing your story.  I know you’ll get bored telling the same story in 100 different ways, but moving on to another anecdote is a mistake.  The frequency and consistency of your story of is one way of building trust.  Here are a few ways you can share your story without going insane with boredom.

Social media.  Highlight a few things about your uniqueness in fun ways.  If your game is all digital, consider fully AI memes, robots telling jokes, or other silly ways to show your tech / specialty prowess.

eBooks.  I can’t say enough about writing an eBook. It’s the best way to showcase your knowledge and uniqueness in one easy-to-download PDF.  eBooks don’t have to be 100-page novels, instead think of them as 6-10 pages of honest, helpful advice spoken directly to your prospect.

Blogs.  Blogging is one of the best ways to show your expertise without spending any money!  Write an article once or bi-weekly and easily prove to your readers that you’re the expert.


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