Marketing Plan in 30 Days: Day 8

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I’ve given you a lot of great ideas up to this point, but Rome wasn’t built in a day.  Let’s talk about some of the necessary marketing pieces you need to get started.  Once you have these key elements, build on them until you have a complete platform.  Start simple – grow big!

1. Logo.  If you work for a brokerage, don’t go against the branding and create your own logo.  A simple “Industrial Specialist” or other specification will put you apart from your colleagues.  If you need a business logo, many local printers will provide custom graphic design for free with printing.  Vista Print also offers a cheap design service.  Don’t spend thousands of dollars on your logo – use a nice Helvetica font, choose a color scheme and be done!  Many people tend to “get in their own head” and feel they need 700 designs to choose from, but simple is best.  Don’t beat yourself up on this!  My logo is all text – no design…and I’m a designer!  You never noticed before because – guess what – logos are not a big deal!

2. Business Card.  If you work for a brokerage, they will provide.  No need to go rogue because “egg shell white” on recycled paper looks slightly better.  If you have a brokerage that needs a business card design and printed, don’t spend a bunch of money and time on this – a simple white card with black text and a logo will do the job.  Vista Print has great deals and quality products.  Many local printers will provide custom graphic design for free with printing.

3. Listing Brochure / OM.  Working for a large brokerage may provide you with a marketing team that will take care of these.  However, most brokerages no longer provide custom marketing services – you’re on your own!  I have some Listing Brochure and Sales Package / Offering Memorandum templates available for the do-it-yourself types.  It’s a one-time fee, you have it forever, and make as many brochures / OMs as you need!  There are other companies like BuildOut that will build an online platform of your brochure template, and automatically pulls in demographics, etc.. However, in my personal opinion, it can be quite expensive.  You may want to start with the Listing Brochures and work your way up.

4. Leave Behind Material.  This can be as simple as a one-page with short paragraph about you (Tell your Story without Being Boring), a bullet point list of services, and your contact information.  Use your company colors, a nice stock photo of a commercial building or your city’s skyline for a professional feel.  Again, Vista Print has some good deals on custom graphic design for a single flyer – but, for this job, a local printer and design service would probably be best.  A local printer may allow you to get revisions done with you sitting next to the designer, rather than waiting 7-10 days for faceless minions to do the work.

5. Website.  Of course, I’m a website designer so, naturally, I’m going to prescribe a website.  But seriously, in this Internet age, EVERYONE should have a website!  Prospects are going to Google your name and if they can’t find anything, they’ll be tempted to move on with a “commercial real estate agents near me” search.  All your print materials should advertise your website.  In fact, all print materials should focus on driving traffic to your website for further follow-up and additional information.  Your website will be the point of contact, and something your prospect can easy bookmark for later review.  My Bargain Website Package makes it affordable for even a single-owner or single agent to afford an effective website.  No excuses!  Join the 21st century and get a website!

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