Marketing Plan in 30 Days: Day 9

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Fair warning, I sell Listing Brochure and Offering Memorandums do-it-yourself templates.  But I’ll be as unbiased as I can with this article about your options.

1. Do-it-Yourself Templates.  OK, I’ll be a little biased here as I personally believe my CRE templates are the greatest!  The best thing about templates is the one-time-fee.  You pay for the files and make an infinite number of brochures and OMs on an as-needed basis.  No monthly or yearly fees – one time charge only.  The challenge is the learning curve for the publishing software and, of course, the do-it-yourself aspect.  This is your lowest cost option.

2. Hiring a freelancer.  If you have ever hired a virtual assistant or a graphic designer on the Internet, you already know – BUYER BEWARE!  Expect to kiss some frogs before you find your prince/princess.  Personally, here are my favorite freelancer finders. – This is probably the biggest freelance resource, but you’ll get a lot of newbies on this one.  If price is a serious factor (looking at $7 – $9 an hour projects) this is your best bet.  Payment wise, you’ll be making a deposit, releasing partial payments based on “benchmark goals” and finally releasing full payment when the job is completed.  If you don’t have much work, it’s not a big deal, but consistent payments will make this system annoying. – For consistent, weekly brochures and OMs, consider this resource.  Upwork is great because it pays your hourly freelancers every week with a debit/credit card it has one file.  This is the most hands-off way of dealing with your virtual workers since you’re not constantly paying deposits – instead, it automatically deducts weekly.  Worried they’re over charging for hours?  You can set requirements to force your workers to use Upwork’s screen capture – see exactly how they are using their time by watching a recording of their screen. – If you’re looking for a high-quality freelancer on a by-project basis I think People per Hour is for you.  Many small to medium sized advertising agencies use this resource to capture smaller deals.  Also, some of the higher quality designers moonlight on PPH.  You’re looking at about $100 to $300 per project.  If you get in just a few OMs per year, it can be a good resource.

BIAS ALERT!  Many of my clients purchase a Brochure/OM Template and send it to a chosen freelancer as a good “starting point” for them to work with.  Sending a template ensures they are not “flying blind” on the kind of brochure you’re looking for.

3. Online Brochure Creators. offers a pretty cool automated brochure system.  You pay a deposit and a yearly fee for access to their systems.  You put in the building address and it will come up automatically with maps, demographics and other resources.  Add in photos, descriptions and Excel spreadsheets to customize.  At the end you can save a PDF or print as needed.  Due to the high costs (in my personal opinion, this option is quite pricey!), usually only large brokerages end up with this bad-boy.

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