Marketing Plan in 30 Days: Day 25

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Earlier, I discussed follow-up that converts and confidently stated that newsletters were my number one choice.  Now we’re going to get started on making your newsletter a reality.  Creating content, researching topics and keeping it going even when work is crushingly busy is what keeps quality newsletters rare.  If you master the newsletter arts, the competition is low and demand is high!  It’s worth a shot!

1) Gathering Outside Content.  If the idea of writing your own content gives you hives, consider starting with a newsletter primarily with outside content.  Showing interesting articles from National Real Estate InvestorThe News Funnel, CRE Tech, and others can fill in with relevant content.

2) Original Content.  If we’ve learned anything from the streaming service wars, it’s “Content is king.”  While Disney is looking like it’s going to win that war, you are primed to win the CRE content war, there’s hardly any us of writing!

Sponge Bob sitting alone at a table

3) Gathering Topics.  Start with something that will motivate you to finish.  Like a “30 Day Marketing Plan” or “## Day Investment Plan.”  It’s easy to outline into its most important parts and it will give you ideas and topics of clarification and updates throughout your blog.

I also like to search “Cosmopolitan Covers” and change the headlines.

  • The Real Estate Shifters – Is Investing in Multiple Real Estate Assets Considered Diversifying?
  • An A-Class Office Landlord Takes About His Life. It’s Not all Marble Floors and Private Bathrooms.
  • Where the Deals Are: Areas that Have the Best Deals.

Cosmopolitan Cover

4) Designing the Email Template.  This doesn’t HAVE to be done by an expert programmer.  If you’re willing to sit in front of a screen with Mailchimp’s email builder, you can have a nice newsletter in a few hours.  However, if “stunning” is your game-plan, many email companies provide custom design at an additional fee.

5) Personal tokens.  If you’re comfortable with the technology, you can make your email say, “Hi, <NAME>”.  These are fun ways to get your reader’s attention.

6) Subject name.  In my experience, any time I’ve tried to “get cute” with my subject line, I get ZERO opens.  “What’s Hot in Office Buildings?!”  Will underperform its boring cousin, “10 Ways to Increase Lease Rates in Class C Office Buildings.”  Be 100% clear about your content in the subject line.

7) Legally compliant. I have to say this now-a-days, but if you’re using Mailchimp or Constant Content, they’ve pretty much got you covered with easy unsubscribes.

8) Analyze and adjust.  Nobody gets this perfect on the first try!  Keep it up!  Each year you may be shocked at what was your best performing email, article and subject line (they’re usually completely different and make no sense).

9) Consistency is key!  It’s totally normal to feel like no one is reading your newsletter or blog the first year and suddenly get traffic the second.  Keep it going, and you’ll be surprised at the popularity.  Remember, there aren’t many CRE writers out there.  Join us chosen few and watch your leads increase!

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