I get this question a lot, “Is there a commercial real estate prospecting software that’s actually worth it?”  The residential market has a glut of prospecting tools, but commercial real estate doesn’t get as much love.

Salesforce.  It’s an inexpensive way of combining all your client data into one, user-friendly solution.  Your contacts, accounts, sales deals and contracts can all be stored and categorized for each individual client.  Salesforce’s “chatter” allows you to pull up relevant news articles, giving you an easy way to think of topics your clients are interested in.  For instance, an article about apartment rent going up would be a great thing to send out to your multifamily investors.  This also allows you to synch your calendar, to-do task list and emails into the system.  When you pull up “John McCallister” it’ll show your notes, his contact info, and all your email correspondence.  It’s a great centralized hub to track your customer information.

Salesforce MarketingLet’s face it, in this day-and-age is moving quickly towards email marketing.  It’s cheap, you can get specific by putting your email lists into groups (retail, multi-family, office, etc.) and provide them with only relevant information.  Want to get really fancy?  Setup email journeys!  You can setup a series of emails to send once a week (or whatever interval) that’s specific to them.  For instance, Maria Diaz from Retail Investments Dallas requested your newsletter.  You can set her up to receive a “Retail Welcome Journey”.  She’ll now receive a “Thank you for joining our Retail newsletter!  Here are a few retail specific articles from our blog.”  A week later she receives, “Have you checked out our social media pages?”  Another week and she gets, “Check out our current Retail Spaces for Sale and Lease.”  Make as many emails as you want, but keep them group-specific.  Too many “office” related emails will have Maria clicking the “unsubscribe” button.

Cold Calling with Salesforce.  I haven’t found a great Salesforce add-on for this, but you can always pull your Salesforce contacts into an excel file for Voice Logic’s Voicecasting.  Record your own sales pitch that will be delivered directly into voicemail without ringing.  Voicecasting will provide a list of successful phone numbers (yes, even landlines work), you can call the remaining numbers yourself.  A service like Voicecasting will get most of your cold calls finished with a click of a button.

Mailing with Salesforce.  Postcards are a great, inexpensive way to keep in touch.  Pull your contact info out of Salesforce into an excel spreadsheet and use a service like VistaPrint Mailing to send postcards easily.  Choose one of our mailing packages (Investor, Landlord or Tenant Rep) and mail postcards and sales letters to keep in touch.  Using a combination of calls, emails and mailers will keep you “top-of-mind” for prospects.  Utilizing only one media can be wasted, but all three will guarantee that they’re paying attention.

Is there a software that can combine my cold calls, mailers, and emails all-in-one?  Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find one.  If you know of something that does all of the marketing for you, please give me a comment below!