Generating Commercial Real Estate Leads with LoopNet Property Records

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Generating Commercial Real Estate Leads with LoopNet Property Records

Alas, Property Records is Dead.

Reonomy reigns as Lead Generation King!


Below is old information for historical purposes, Property Records is dead.

LoopNet’s Property Records tool isn’t just for finding information on properties.  It can be used for generating leads and gathering information about your local target market.  Here’s a run-down of why I think LoopNet Property Records is worth its weight in gold.

Finding Leads with LoopNet Property Records

1) Type in either your city, address, or a zip code of the area you’re targeting.  Most people choose their office’s zip code or an area they know to find potential clients. And hit “Search”


2) Narrow your search results with the “Refine Your Search” section.  This is great if you specialize in medical office, industrial, retail, or other.  Or use the Polygon Search to identify a particular neighborhood or area of interest.


Hit “Go” once you have Refined Your Search.


3) Check out the listings in your target market.  You can see what information LoopNet has on this property including Owner Information and Tenant Information.



4) Click on the property to view its information.



5) Click the “View Details” link to check out some more information on the Owner of this property.


6) Provided is the property owner and mailing address.  Perfect for mailers!



Want more information such as phone number and contact name?

Option 1: Usually a simple Google search of the company name will provide all the information you need including manager name and contact phone number.

Option 2: Your County will have a “Business Entity Search” available either online or inside the Public Records Department.  There you can search the company name for owner’s name and phone number, both of which are public records.



7) If Tenant Rep is your game, let’s see the tenants of this building by clicking the “Tenant” tab at the top.



8) Scroll down to see all the current property tenants and records of former tenants.



Gathering leads with LoopNet Property Records couldn’t get any easier…but wait… IT DOES!

Are you about to plant your receptionist in front of this thing for the next 2 months building spreadsheets?  No need!  You can print address labels for the owners and /or tenants directly from LoopNet’s system!

Printing labels to potential clients with LoopNet Property Records

1) Type in either your city, address, or a zip code of the area you’re targeting.  Most people choose their office’s zip code or an area they know to find potential clients. And hit “Search”.  Refine your results, if necessary.



2) Check the box next to the map to select all 20 properties.  To select even more properties click the arrow (right hand side of screen).



3) Check the box next to the map again to select those additional properties.


*Continue with steps 2-3 to gather even more properties (max 500).


4) When you’re finished selecting properties, Click “Create Report”



5) There are all kinds of options here, but we’re focusing on lead generation so let’s select either “Tenant Address Labels” or “Owner Address Labels”.

Click “Use This Template” button



6) All our records are now in easy label format for mailing!  You can click directly on the labels to edit or “Download as PDF” for printing later.


*If you wanted to enter these contacts into Microsoft Access, Sales Force, or Excel, they’ll have to be entered by hand.  There’s no comma-delimited downloads of this information.  LoopNet wants you to use their system.


Why LoopNet Property Records is Awesome

I remember hoofing it over to the county, picking up printed owner records and handing it off to be entered into a database that, ironically, I don’t think anyone ever touched.  (It was too massive, too confusing.)

LoopNet has taken all the property records from county records department and placed them into one user-friendly access point.  For a small monthly fee you could be neck deep in leads.  I think every commercial real estate agent needs access to LoopNet Property Records.


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  1. Fred Dumlao September 4, 2013 at 4:02 pm

    Thanks, Brandy. I use LoopNet but I was not familiar with these particular capabilities. It’s nice to see marketing tips pertinent to my industry instead of the usual generic ones.

  2. Fiore February 1, 2014 at 5:00 pm

    i like your article
    i would like to know once i have the list of owners and or tenants how do i approuch as to what to say what to offer?

    • Brandy Quick February 1, 2014 at 6:09 pm

      Great question! I have a tenant rep and landlord rep lead generating package available. Once you have your LoopNet Property labels send them pre-written sales letters and postcards.

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