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A corporate brochure is a very important give-away after your first consultation or when cold calling a potential client. It will be an attention grabbing piece that your prospect can look over after you’ve gone away. We have templates available. Here are a few tips to creating your own:

Sexy cover. If you’re a retail specialist, for example, I would suggest you get a nice photo of the most posh retail center you’ve represented. Usually calling the landlord and requesting permission to do a photo shoot is all it takes. However, if you don’t have an extensive portfolio, check with your graphic designer about purchasing stock photos of a retail center or skyline of your city. A beautifully designed cover will entice people to read further.

Title of corporate brochure. For the love of everything holy don’t use “Corporate Brochure” as your title. Explain what you do! “Representing Industrial Space in Austin, Texas.” You don’t want people wondering what you do.

Content. (1) Explain that you are the expert in your city. (2) Tell a little about yourself. Don’t get generic or too politically correct, be genuine and maybe write a little about how you got into the business. (3) Services. List who you represent and what you do for those people. Landlords need to know you’ll advertise their listings and get them sold, list exactly how that will be done. Tenants need someone that will find the correct location, building, and space for their business, make a list of how that will be done.

Brag rights. Although not necessary, some agents with a lot of experience will want to list all the big-wigs they’ve worked with in the past. I suggest using logos instead of a list, as logos are a great visual representation of how much experience you have.

Back cover. This should really only focus on contact information, although you can add your brag rights to this page as well. Offer a free consultation, show your logo, address, city, state, zip code, phone number, and website.

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