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We may have scratched the surface of cohesive materials in day 5, but I thought it best to really delve into why cohesion is important. Cohesion is the most important consideration in your marketing materials, and it’s largely overlooked among commercial real estate agents. Time to get serious about cohesive materials!

Example of non-cohesive materials. I feel a little guilty using a company that I don’t work with as a “needs help” example, but this is very typical of most CRE firms! Here’s a series of brochures provided by one commercial real estate company. Other than being gray, they have very little in common.

(1) The first brochure has an extra K watermark that distracts from the logo. The second brochure, for some unknown reason, shows the logo and slogan twice! The third wedges the logo so far at the bottom and so small that you can barely see it. (2) Two of the brochures have blue titles, but neither flyers use the same color of blue. (3) Each design looks like it’s from a completely different company.

commercial real estate marketing non cohesive


Example of cohesive marketing materials. Let’s look at Odyssey. From left to right – sales package, list of comparable properties, and a financial statement. Each of these materials are completely different, but cohesive. Even if you were to cover the logo, you’d be able to tell these materials belong to a single company. This kind of design creates brand awareness. That’s the goal!

commercial real estate marketing cohesive


Day 7: Signage