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What is Branding? There are many different definitions of branding but essentially, the ultimate goal of branding is to get people to know, like, and recognize your business. It’s important to decide on the message that your company wants to give to its clients well before you start creating your marketing pieces.

Getting People to Know You
Consistency is key! Your message and logo should be everywhere – on your listing brochures, postcards, letterheads, e-mail signatures, business cards, corporate brochure, and anything else you produce. Commercial real estate agents and firms can sometimes go a little “brand crazy.” Fight the urge to create multiple logos, slogans, or using a carnival color scheme. Multiple logos and messages will confuse your clients, and your efforts will produce no brand recognition. Keep it simple! Stick with one logo, one slogan, and one theme. You don’t need a different logo and business card for each individual client. Need help? We provide do-it-yourself templates.

Getting People to Like You
This is easier than it sounds. Instead of using generic terms, pretending that you’re a big company (if you’re not one), or using general information…try being yourself. Write your “About Us” section in your own words and, most importantly, tell the truth! Why did you get into commercial real estate? Did you find residential was too boring? Did you get locked in with a mentor at a young age? Why did you want to stay in commercial real estate? Tell your story! Leave out the boring “We are out to deliver real value” blah blah. Everyone says that. What do you want to say?

Getting People to Recognize You
Again, I am reminding you of the importance of being consistent. Keep your logo, message, color scheme and fonts the same in each advertisement. It’s a good idea to write this information down and give it to your graphic designer, web designer, or advertising agency before they start work on your projects so that they know what they have to work with.

All of your marketing materials should have the same look. Your buyers should be able to cover up your logo and message, yet still know that it’s your business.

Day 5: Deciding on a theme.