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If you follow the marketing budget and plan from Days 2728, you only need one transaction from all your marketing efforts to break-even. I suggest that your over-all goal is at least two conversions per year. It’s a modest goal that should be easy to achieve.

*Goals are estimates based on my experience. If you’re in a densely populated metropolitan city, your numbers may be larger. If you’re in a more rural area, your numbers may be smaller.

Google AdWords – Setup the conversions in Google AdWords to see how many people download the Special Report are from Google AdWords. Your goal is around 2-4 downloads per month.

Participating in Online Communities – Setup Google Analytics and see how many people come to your website from outside websites. Your goal is around 20-40 clicks per week.

Postcards – Mailers are a little complicated in the fact that people may not respond to a mailer until the third or fourth touch. Sometimes more! However, I find a well done postcard brings in at least 1-2 calls or Special Report downloads per mailing. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but postcards are more about being in front of your target market at a time when they need you. They may not need you for another year, so keep up the mailers!

Website Downloads – Try to keep track of where a lead came from originally instead of a generic “Website” lead. That lead may be from the postcards or Google AdWords. One way to ensure you know where a lead is coming from is by creating landing pages. The Special Report and Google AdWords Special Report download area can look the same, but be different pages. When the form emails you, it will tell you where it was from in the Subject line: Special Report Download – from Mailers. This will help you see which marketing efforts are working the best.

Follow-up – Without a solid follow-up system, you could be losing more leads than your gaining. Be sure to create a fool-proof process that adds in all new Special Report download leads into your email newsletter and/or postcard mailers. These systems will ensure you’ll be in front of this person every month.

Listing Marketing – You know you have a great listing marketing process when you receive referrals from current clients. Most agents don’t have a thorough process to deal with listings, so explaining in detail how you can help your client will make you better than 90% of your competition. Keep track of the clients that were referred to you by current clients.

Day 30: Monitoring your Progress