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For my money, I love MailChimp! There are many similar email marketing systems out there, but this one is my favorite. It’s only a penny per email or a low monthly fee.

Building your eblast. Ideally your eblasts should look like your website. Same colors, same design, same font, same everything. Once you have your main template designed, you can make as many emails as you need. MailChimp has a really easy builder where you can add links, images, and your contact information. You don’t need to be a web designer to get a nice looking template out to your clients and prospects. Any beginner can create an eblast.  Check out ours!

Subject. This is the number one thing you should consider. This is what will make people decide whether or not to open your email. For a listing, I suggest something like “2,000 SF Industrial Bldg Lease SE Las Vegas.” This is a detailed explanation of what’s inside. This will get you a great open rate!

Content. Design is fun to look at, but without good, relevant content, no one will read it. Make sure your audience will be interested in what’s being sent.

Tips to eblasting. I’m not sure why, but 7am to 11am gets the highest open rates. Also, the middle of the week (Tues, Wed, Thurs) has higher open rates than other days. If you’re on a tight deadline and you can’t get the eblast out until after 12:00pm, skip it until the next day.

Stay out of spam filters. Even if you’re not a spammer, there are a few things that trigger spam filters. NEVER USE ALL CAPS in your subject or message. Don’t use a lot of crazy punctuation!!!! Some words trigger spam so stay away from words like “enhancement” or “male.”

Day 26: Postcards and Mailers