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We discussed Google AdWords as a way to advertise your website, but there are also many other free options. It takes time and patience to find websites, post on them, and participate in discussions. It takes even more time to be part of an online community. However, once you’ve put in the time, you’ll notice your website hits go up! Linking to multiple websites also makes Google consider your page more important than a page with less back-links.

Forums. Joining commercial real estate forums is a great way to get free hits. Put the link to your website in your signature. Once a week, log in and participate in some of the discussions. You may find this to be informative, entertaining, and fun! Purchasing subscriptions to popular forums may cost a little money, but you’ll find the pay-forums are usually well worth their cost. Many industry leaders will be a part of an exclusive online community, and becoming a part of that can open you up to new opportunities.

Blogs. Posting intelligent comments and questions on multiple real estate blogs will get you website his and link backs. Never create a generic comment that you’ll be posting blindly on as many blogs as possible. Bloggers see through that kind of thing and will refuse you access to the comments. Make sure you’re commenting on the post’s subject and taking the time to make the post either informative or interesting. Never generic! “I agree completely” won’t cut it.

Social media. Creating a Facebook and Twitter page may provide your website with some more hits and link-backs; however, this is only a good option if you’re able to post on a regular basis. Unless you have time every week to devote to social media, skip this. Having a dead Facebook page may hurt more than help your marketing efforts.

Apply for awards. Every once in awhile do a search for commercial real estate awards. Fill out whatever forms you need and turn it in! Who knows, maybe you’ll win! You can put your winning announcement in your next press release!

Partnership. Does your friend have a website? Ask if he/she wouldn’t mind if your website was mentioned in a “friends and colleagues” page. Recommendations can go both ways! Offer a link to his/her site in return.

Updating directories. Make sure,, and all have your website address in your company’s listing.

Email Signatures. Be sure to add your website address on your email signature. Some people may not know you have a website!

Day 25: Email Blasts