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On Day 21 we set up your Google AdWords account for a commercial real estate agent/business. Today I’ll be giving some suggestions on nailing it down to become profitable.

Google AdWords spends my money too fast. Don’t panic! This is a common problem for new campaigns. There are a few reasons this could be happening.

1) Are your keywords too generic? You may have thought real estate was a good keyword, but you’ll get clicks for residential real estate, real estate loans, or government loans for real estate. None of these have anything to do with you. Weed out any generic keywords that may be taking money away from higher quality keywords.

2) Did you use the “apostrophes”? Commercial real estate and “commercial real estate” are different. Without the apostrophes you’ll get all the keywords from the generic keywords in #1 and then some. Without apostrophes, just one of the words in your keyword string has to match for your ad to be shown. This isn’t good for high quality clicks. You want people that are actually searching “commercial real estate properties” and not “commercial window washers.” Fewer impressions can be more profitable.

3) Are you bids too high? Click on the “Campaigns” tab and then on one of your campaigns. You’ll see the Average Position. If it’s 1-3, you’re bidding higher than most other companies. Lower your bid a little each week until it gets to be around 4-6. This will lower the cost of your bids without moving your ad to the second page.

google adwords

I’m not getting any clicks. Don’t give up! This is a common problem for many new campaigns. There are a few reasons why this could be happening.

1) My location is affecting my campaigns. While rural areas get as low as $0.30 per click, some bigger cites have to pay approximately $5.00/click, maybe more! This is completely dependent on your local market.

2) Are your bids high enough? If you’re located in a large metropolitan area, more people searching means more clicks which drives up the price. See the below example. Only 1 impression for the week at my bid $3.40/click! This means all my competitors are bidding more than $3.40.

google adwords

3) Is your quality score low? Clicking on the “Keywords” tab and rolling your mouse over the dialogue icon will show your keyword score. A low score (1 to 5) shows that Google doesn’t think your website has much to do about the keyword and /or it doesn’t think your ad fits the keyword. You can fix this by creating different Ad Groups and Landing Pages. We’ll get into this in detail on Day 23.

google adwords

4) Is your ad a dud? High impressions and low clicks (a click thru rate of 0% to 2.5%) is a sign of weak ad writing. Remember to use keywords in your ads instead of your company name. People want to click on a link that will lead them to answers, not irrelevant websites.

google adwords

Creating an effective Google AdWords campaign takes time, effort, and research. I suggest you let ads run for at least 2 to 3 weeks before re-writing them. You want to give your changes a chance to work, so giving them at least a week of practice will allow you to study your customer’s behavior.

Be sure to read Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords by Marshall Todd. It will give you great insights to how to use your Google AdWords account effectively. No blog post can thoroughly educate you on all the features and uses of Google AdWords. That’s what books are for!

Day 23: Google AdWords, Quality Scores