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I’m not going to lie to you. Google AdWords is incredibly complicated. It takes months and months of adjusting, manipulating, and interpreting data to get your Google Adwords campaign to begin seeing a return on investment. If you’re looking for and easy “set-it-and-forget-it system”, stick with postcards! Google AdWords will require your attention for the next 4-6 months before you can blindly feed it cash and get returns.

Did I fail to scare you off? Good!

Campaigns.  As a commercial real estate agent, you have two “Internet search” target markets. The first is people that search for available commercial real estate who are located in your city. The second are people from all over the USA looking for commercial real estate located in your city. We’ll set up both of these campaigns separately.

Local Campaign Keywords. Keep your audience in mind! Remember, these are people in your city searching the Internet. What keywords do you want your website to show up on? I suggest using “quotes” around your keywords. This keeps you from paying for clicks for people searching for residential real estate agent. When possible, keep the wasted clicks to a minimum!

Here’s a list of suggestions:

“commercial real estate agent”
“commercial real estate agents”
“commercial property”
“commercial properties”
“available commercial property”
“available commercial properties”
“retail space” (use your specialty)
“available shopping centers” (use your specialty)
“available shopping centre” (use your specialty)

Of course, keywords depend on your website and specialty, so get creative! Remember to keep the quotes on all your keywords. Tip: Place all your keywords on a Note Pad document before copying them over. This will make it easier to see all your keywords.

United States Campaign Keywords. Remember, these are out-of-state people searching for property in your area. You want to get all your relevant cities, neighborhoods, and state abbreviations in the keywords. Don’t leave the city or state out of your keyword strings!! If your license is in New York you can’t help someone in Florida. You want to cut wasteful spending down as much as possible.

Example keywords:

“commercial real estate las vegas”
“commercial real estate henderson”
“commercial real estate north las vegas”
“commercial real estate nevada”
“commercial real estate nv”
“commercial properties las vegas”
“commercial investment properties las vegas”

Writing Ads is the fun part! Here are some tips.

  • Never leave your “Headline” as your company’s name or your name. People want to click on links that answer questions. Make your headline about your key word
  • Descriptions work best when you state features on line 1 and benefits on line 2. Feature: CRE Investment Specialist. Benefit: Right here in Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Google won’t let you use ALL CAPS.
  • Google will only allow one exclamation point!
  • I Suggest you Capitalize all Important Words in your Headline and Description.

Remember, don’t use your company name or your own name in the headline. People want to click on links that are relevant to their search. Use keywords in the headline and descriptions. See my example below, but feel free to get creative! You can always change an ad, it’s not written in stone.

Payments: *I’m anti-credit, so I always suggest you use cash funds. My suggestion is $50, but choose what you’re most comfortable with. It’s a good amount to start off with. If you lose it in a day, it won’t kill your overall marketing budget.

Important Notes: Google AdWords is complicated. You may lose your $50 in one day, you may not get a single impression or click all week! I strongly suggest you read: Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords by Marshall Todd. I’ve only scratched the surface of Google AdWords. In fact, I’ve only given you direction on how to set it up, not how it works. There’s just too much information for one blog post.

More information on Google Adwords: Again, Google Adwords is freaking complicated. Tomorrow I’ll go over some more information on it, but it’s best to read the suggested book and reading through Google’s tutorial.

Day 22: Google AdWords, Nailing it Down