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On Day 17 and Day 18 I wrote about how to build a website and fill it with content. Today, we’ll discuss how to keep visitors coming back to your site.

Goals. Your site’s #1 goal is to gather emails from prospects by exchanging their personal information for your Special Report. Once you have that to a science, I suggest a few different things to keep people coming back to your site.

Blog. Your blog should have useful information for your target market. If my example site were real, I would suggest that this agent writes things an industrial manager in Austin, Texas would like to read. Other people may tell you to stay away from politics; I believe you should speak your mind! Post links to articles about politics that my affect the industrial business, new trends, and advice on how to find the perfect space for their business. Your blog isn’t for other commercial real estate agents; it’s for your target market. Would you read my blog if it was geared to my fellow graphic artists and web designers instead of CRE agents? Probably not!

Social Media. Facebook and Twitter can be fun ways to keep in touch with clients and prospects. Add links to your social media on the website.

Newsletters. Do you provide monthly newsletters? Allow people to read old newsletters on your website. If people find them interesting, you may even get addition prospects to fill out the contact form.

Forum. Although this option may be a little too complicated for a newbie web designer, a forum is a great way for people to ask questions and get answer without feeling like he has to buy something from you. Heck, if your forum gets popular enough, you can charge a monthly subscription to join it!

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