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On day 17 I wrote about some common questions regarding hosting, domain, and email.  Along with a list of things to consider before building your website.

Images – I suggest using photos of your city for most of your header pages.  They’re always pretty and good to mix with some happy looking business people shaking hands.  A good mix of business people and local flair will show you as a local expert. 

Special Report / White Paper – I like the advertise the Special Report on almost every page.  Afterall, the goal of most websites is gathering contact information, so you want your visitor to fill out their contact info to get access to your report.  Use an interesting headline, a description of the special report, and bullet points explaining the “5 easy steps” without revealing too much. Get a little silly with the headline. People are naturally attracted to “Amazing Secrets” or “10 Secrets Your Commercial Real Estate Agent Won’t Tell You.” The point is to amuse the person enough to want the report and send their contact information.

About Us – Be yourself.  You’ll notice a lot of my website background images and wording is a bit silly…I’m a bit silly.  The internet is full of professional “blah blah blah” when people really want to feel an emotional connection.  I would much rather see an interesting story about how you got started in commercial real estate than a generic write-up with a ton of ten-dollar words. The more personal you make this site; the easier it will be for people to like you. Also, I would like to see your photo! Get a nice photo done with a professional photographer in a studio. Usually brokerages will only offer a photographer who sets up in the conference room. Those photos never turn out great. Get a professional photographer with a studio!

Blog – Blogs are only useful if you’re actually updating them on a regular basis. Dead blogs make potential prospects wonder if you’re still around. After-all, it’s better to have 2 pages of finished content instead of 10 under construction pages. If you’re serious about a blog, begin writing your articles in a Word document. Don’t link your blog until you have at least 12 articles finished. If you’re too busy to write, you’ll still have monthly or weekly articles to post.

Day 19: Websites, Basic SEO Tips