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Your firm will ideally provide you with the following: business cards, a corporate brochure (which explains a firm’s available services and expertise), a listing brochure template, a premiere listing brochure template and signage. Easy, do-it-yourself templates are available if your broker does not provide these materials. The purposes of these materials are to sell/lease listings, not necessarily to promote you or turn prospects into leads. You’ll need a few additional items for yourself.

Special Report. This will act as your personal brochure. Agents can get too caught up in sales figures, companies they once worked for, certifications or other bragging rights. Most prospects don’t want a resume; they want an expert in a particular field, so write something helpful that your target market will want to read. Giving it a quantifying factor (10 tips, 5 easy steps, etc) won’t give people the impression that it’s a ‘self-promo’ piece. Some ideas include: (1) Planning your warehouse space in 5 easy steps. (2) 3 ways to calculate how much office space you need, and (3) Attention doctors! 5 reasons to buy a medical condo instead of leasing.

Your personal brochure should be around 5-10 pages of pure and honest advice. Leave the last page for your contact information and a little summary about you and your qualifications but don’t go overboard! You want people to like you, not to think that you’re a publicity hound.  We have 3 available for purchase.

Website. If you can, purchase Your own website will serve two main purposes. (1) If you change firms, a simple Google search will allow former clients to find you. (2) Gather prospects by offering your Special Report. The first page should have either a photo of you or your report, a detailed description of your report, explain why the report is helpful, and a contact form that will send a prospect the Special Report after a he has filled out his email, name, and company name. With that info, you can find his mailing address with a Google search. (Day 17, we’ll go over this in detail.)  See our website design services.

Mailers. You’ll need a steady stream of both postcards and personal letters to turn prospects into leads. Mailing is the most expensive part of your marketing plan, so make sure it’s done in a way that brings in viable leads. Ask for the same thing in all mailers. I suggest you ask prospects to go to a website address to receive your Special Report. If your website doesn’t have the Special Report form on the home page, send them directly to that page. If people can’t find exactly what they are looking for immediately, they will leave the website.  We have sales letters and postcards available.

Email Follow-up. A solid follow-up system will make your marketing even more effective. If someone contacts you over your website, be sure they go into a 3 to 5 touch follow-up system. Email 1 – Thank them for downloading the special report or contacting you. Email 2 – Ask them if they found the special report useful and would like to continue with a free consultation. Email 3 – Ask them to keep you in mind for future listings. The newsletter will keep in touch after the initial follow-up system is complete.

Newsletter. These don’t have to be fancy. A simple email with a collection of links to articles that you found interesting along with a description is fine. You want to make sure your clients are thinking about you. If you’re using email, be sure to Blind Copy (BCC) your client list. You don’t want someone accidentally getting a hold of your client list. Keep the frequency around once per month. People may become annoyed if you’re giving them articles every week.

Day 16: Marketing Yourself – The Plan