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Premier listings are the million dollar buildings for sale or the brand new 30,000 SF property you’re leasing. They’re listings given to you by big clients that bring in the big money. These need to be treated a little differently than your regular listings.

Brochure. You’ll need a brochure that says “I really care about your listing.” I know it’s popular to create a 20-page “sales package,” each page with a different feature. Refrain from doing this, it screams “amateur”. Have a nice looking cover page with a high quality photo, the listing name, and your contact info. Inside you’ll have all your features, property photos, maps, etc. The last page will be financials (for a sale) or a detailed aerial map (for leasing). I like using tabloid (11×17) paper folded in half to create a 4-page brochure. Even a mediocre brochure looks sexy on glossy paper. Get some nice, glossy paper for the color printer or get it professionally printed. See our templates.

Online Directories. This should go without saying, but I’m saying it! Place this listing on LoopNet, Property Line, and CoStar. You can skip Craig’s List. It’s unlikely someone willing to spend millions on a sale is going to be hitting the properties on Craig’s List. Make sure each online directory has a PDF of your brochure!

Email Blasts. If you have a list of all the agents in your city, send them an email announcing the new listing. Definitely do the Property Line email blast. For $80 you’ll reach all the agents in the Property Line network. It’s worth the investment.

Mailers. The faster you get this listing off your desk, the faster your fat checks will come in. Yes, mailers are expensive, but worth it! You have to treat your sale and lease listings differently.

Selling a premier property. Reonomy allows you to search for other building owners in the area. If you’re looking for free info, contact your County Records Department. Some counties have this information available online while others will require you to show up in person. I used to order a monthly print-out from the county and keep track of the records on my own spreadsheet. Every month I updated the list and I had a full database of every property owner in the city. What a great resource! And it was available whenever I needed it.

Leasing a premier property.  Reonomy allows you to search for neighboring tenants in the area. InfoUSA allows you to choose a radius around your listing’s address and narrow down to clothing stores, restaurants, gas stations, or other business that may be interested in the space. Some states will allow phone numbers on your list while others won’t (selling phone numbers depends on state laws). This list will have full name, address, city, state, zip code, phone (if the law allows), and job title. Now you can mail to these people! Day 13 for example on letters to potential tenants.

Day 15: Materials to Market Yourself