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The one thing that really stuck in my mind when reading Ultimate Guide to Google Ad Words, was a claim that without a solid follow-up system, all other marketing attempts will suffer in effectiveness. You can have a fancy brochure, informative special reports, a hot website, but without a follow-up system you’re losing potential clients. It really is that simple.

Current clients with listings. Do yourself a favor and set up a series of letters named “Week 1”, “Week 3”, etc. Week one – Describe what you’ve done on the listing. It’s in LoopNet, Property Line, CoStar and the sign has been ordered. Print out the listing in each database and mail it. Week three – Explain that the sign is now installed and you’ve done an email blast with Property Line. So far you’ve received # calls and # emails regarding the property, however, no conversions yet but you’re optimistic. Week six and beyond – Describe the number of hits to the listing in LoopNet, Property Line and Costar. Also, let them know if other agents have contacted you on the property. By month 2 or 3 you can start making suggestions on price reductions or other requests.

Current and potential clients, no listings right now. Newsletters are awesome! They don’t have to be fancy. A simple email with a collection of links to articles that you found interesting along with a description is fine. You want to make sure your clients are thinking about you. You never want them wondering if you’re still in business. If you’re using email, be sure to Blind Copy (BCC) your client list. You don’t want someone accidently getting a hold of that handy list of potential leads. Keep the frequency around once per month. People may become annoyed if you’re giving them articles every week.

Website inquires. If someone contacts you over your website, be sure they go into a 3 to 5 touch follow-up system. Email 1 – Thank them for downloading the special report or contacting you. Email 2 – Ask them if they found the special report useful and would like to continue with a free consultation. Email 3 – Ask them to keep you in mind for future listings. Most website inquiries will subscribe to your newsletter. If they didn’t subscribe to the newsletter, ask them to join. Send a touch only once per week. The newsletter will keep in touch after the initial follow-up system is complete.

Mailers / Postcards. Email is great because it’s free (or really cheap), quick, and super easy. However, for a really effective follow-up system you need physical mailers along with emails. Physical mailers show that you’re part of a real company, not a fly-by-night Internet only agent. Seeing physical mailers is important, especially to the website inquiry contacts. Physical mailers are expensive, so limit them to bi-monthly.

Day 12: Basics of Marketing Listings