We all hate cold calling.  The thought of putting our brain on auto-dial, battling receptionists, and spouting our elevator speeches until our voice goes hoarse makes us all cringe.  Not only that, but it takes about 10 follow-up calls before we get past the voicemail to a live person.  The process takes FOREVER and, frankly, we have better things to do.  However, if you work for an old-school broker or firm with the age-old battle cry, “COLD CALL!” you’re stuck with the task…or are you?

I’m all about the easy way to do things, especially activities like cold-calling that have a high amount of time expenditure and a fairly low rate of return.  Let’s modify the way we think about cold-calls and join the 21st Century!

Cloud Call Center – I want to talk to live people, leave a pre-recorded message on answering machines, and have a software program that automatically weeds out busy signals and wrong numbers.  A Cloud call center is for you!  Services like Call Fire offer cloud call plans as low as $2/hour that will help weed out all the unpleasantness of cold calling, leaving you with real, live people.

Voice Broadcast – I want to broadcast a message and if a prospect wants to speak with me, he or she can press 1, forwarding them directly to my cell phone.  While less sales-man like, a voice broadcast system has its place in our lives.  For instance, if you’re having an open-house or grand opening event, you may want to voice broadcast the details to agents and have them hit 1 to RSVP.  Call Fire also has this option available for about $15 per broadcast.

Messages to Voicemail Only – I want to pretend like I’m not using auto-dial technology.  Instead, I want to leave a pre-recorded message directly onto voicemail and pretend like prospects missed my call.  Bulk phone calls without the un-salesman-ish “PRESS 1 NOW” are available with services such as Voicecasting by VoiceLogic.  This system skips the ringing, the answering, and goes directly to voicemail.  Your prospects will think you called them personally!

Text Messages + Voicemail – I want to send both a voicemail and text messages (at the same time) directly to my prospects.  Great for events and grand openings since you can text the location name, date, time, and address and send a voicemail about what’s being celebrated.  Call-em-all has the capability to do this for only $9/month.  Of course, you’re limited to dialing cell phone numbers for this service.