6 Ideas for Gathering Commercial Real Estate Leads

//6 Ideas for Gathering Commercial Real Estate Leads

6 Ideas for Gathering Commercial Real Estate Leads

Gathering leads doesn’t have to consume your entire career.  Doing these relatively easy ideas will help you gather more leads and bring in more sales.

  1. Reonomy. The ability to select properties in your area and download commercial property owner contact information is ideal for all commercial real estate agents. You can create spreadsheets and import them into ACT, Sales Force, or even mailing services.  There is no easier way to gather contact information than Reonomy.  Click here for the full tutorial.
  2. Website. Offering a free PDF of helpful information will allow you to gather email, names and phone numbers of people interested in your services. Allow your website visitors to place their contact information into a form in exchange for downloading a PDF.  This is especially useful if you have a site with a lot of clicks (traffic) but hardly any conversions.
  3. Deep-dive answers to tough questions. There are answers to every questions there is on the Internet. How many good answers are there? Take your time to create an in-depth, step-by-step article that answers important questions that your prospect would be interested in. Agents that provides the best answers will often get the sales, right? You can use this for your “Free PDF” for idea #2.
  4. Blogging. Sharing pieces of your advice and expertise is a great way to bring in traffic to your website and convert those visitors into leads. Organic traffic (from search engines like Google) thrive off of constant production of new and original content.  This means the more quality articles you write, the higher rankings you’ll receive will translate to higher website traffic.  When you have a conversion strategy (like offering a PDF in exchange for contact info) you’ll see leads increase.
  5. Social Media. If you’re going work on a social media strategy, don’t forget LinkedIn.  It’s the number one social network for lead generation (source: Hubspot).  Businesses who target other businesses will naturally find a higher concentration of their target market on LinkedIn. Also, when someone visits LinkedIn, the person is most likely in a business-focused mindset, helping content perform inherently better.
  6. Checklists. It’s easy to brag about the services you offer, but when you take the time and initiative to list them out, it’ll help your potential client understand what he’s paying for. (1) Placing your listing on LoopNet, (2) Placing your listing on CoStar, (3) Building the brochure, (4) Emailing my investor list with your property information, etc.  All of these things can be listed in order of when they happen and categorized by “Week 1” “Week 2” for timelines.
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