Generating new sales leads is critical for commercial real estate brokerages, and often, in order to be successful doing so you will need to think outside the box. Traditional methods of drumming up new business are proving to be ineffective these days, so business owners are forced to get creative and reach their market in newer more innovative ways. Discussed below are 5 tips to help you funnel fresh new leads into your business and reach your audience more effectively than ever before.

1. Have a Social Media Presence

Exposure is key when trying to get your message out there or generate new business. With billions of daily active users, what better place to be seen than on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter? These sites are the perfect place to have an active, engaging profile.

By posting relevant information about your business, any on-going promotions, testimonials and competitions, you will establish yourself on the internet and draw in fresh, new sales leads.

2. The Power of Video

If a picture says a thousand words, a video can say a million. Get creative and step outside of the box by creating an interesting video and ensuring it is showcased wherever possible for maximum exposure. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and your website are great places to post a video to get it seen and you can even promote it further with paid endorsements on Facebook. A video gone viral will lead tons of fresh traffic to your site generating those all-important new sales leads.

3. Stick to the Basics

Yes, traditional means of generating sales leads are not as effective as they once were, hence the need to branch out with new and interesting ideas, but it is important not to lose sight of the basics. Ensure you are following the basic lead generation principles of having a great offer, exposing your audience to that offer, and giving them a reason to act now. No matter the sales approach, these core principles are critical to success.

4. Get Involved

Getting involved in the community and supporting charities is a great way to expand your network organically and get your name out there. People are more likely to do business with someone they are familiar with and have respect for, so getting involved is not only great for the soul, it’s great for business. Meet people and build relationships through these types of events, always making sure people know what you do but never pressuring for leads. They will come naturally over time from these situations.

5. The Power of Referrals

In any industry or business, especially yours, referrals are incredibly powerful. The best advertisement you can get is word of mouth from happy, satisfied clients. Past clientele can generate a wealth of new leads for your business as people listen to the advice and experiences of those around them. Never be afraid to ask for those referrals because happy clients will be more than glad to do so on your behalf – you may wish to even consider a small incentive program for those willing to share the good word.

In short, there are hundreds of different ways to funnel new leads into your business, but the tried and tested tips above should certainly bring results.