Recently, I’ve spent some time researching local commercial real estate firms and what I found was shocking.  Most commercial real estate firms don’t have a website! Even worse, many are using Yahoo! and Hotmail email accounts. (shudders) A website is fairly inexpensive and easy to (1) purchase a domain name, (2) purchase a hosting service, (3) hire a web designer to design your site, and (4) maintain the site. I’m serious, friends, a website will likely cost $2,000 to design, and $100/year to maintain.  It’s not something that should be skipped.

I don’t have the money. Find it!  You’re losing money every day you don’t have a website.  Thousands of dollars in commissions fly-by because tech-savy people hate picking up the phone.  Instead, these folks like to research companies before making contact with a commercial real estate agent.  Even a basic website can satisfy their need for information.  Refusing to spend money on a website is killing your chance at this wealthy demographic.

I’ve always had the same email. You can setup your Gmail, Hotmail, or Yahoo account to send and receive with your new email address.  You won’t have to contact everyone and announce an email change since all emails will be coming into the same service you always use.  It’s unprofessional to use your Gmail account on business cards, brochures and other marketing materials.  It’s time to step into the future!

I hate the idea of updating a website. If you’ve hired a good web designer, you won’t have to.  A web designer should be available after the website is completed for updates and changes as needed.

I hate the idea of being dependent on a web designer for my website updates. Thanks to modern technology, there are now user-friendly content management systems like WordPress that make it easy for the not-so-tech-savy commercial real estate agent to update his/her own website.  These templates will allow you to change content without fear of ruining the design.