If you have a Facebook account already, you should also join Twitter.  There are exceptions but for the most part, the folks who use Twitter aren’t the same as those who use Facebook.  To get both of the personality types involved you need both forms of social media.

I’m going to get a little controversial; there are professionals that completely disagree with my advice.   Take the tips you agree with and leave the stuff you don’t.

Copy the posts you have on Facebook and paste them into Twitter.  I’m a firm believer that most people use one social media over the other.  It’s unlikely the same people are following you on both Facebook and Twitter.  This means if you update Facebook with an interesting article, the people on Twitter will miss it.  It’s best to keep both social media platforms consistent so nothing is missed.

It’s about the business.  Every once in awhile you can post something personal, but don’t get into the habit.  It’s OK if you want to announce that your kid got straight As on a report card, (Those only come once a quarter, right?) but if you inundate your followers with non-relevant topics, they’ll wonder why they’re following you.  Keep your posts about commercial real estate, and only inject some personal stuff every now-and-then.

The photo.  If you’re tweeting in representation of a firm, your logo is the best choice.  If you’re tweeting about being a commercial real estate agent (not as a firm) then use a photo of yourself.  You don’t have to use a professional photo of yourself in a suit.  Be yourself.  If you like to wear Hawaiian shirts to work, show it on Twitter.  You don’t want people thinking “Is this the same guy?” when they meet your in person!

Avoid the time suck.  Don’t read every tweet, it’ll drive you mad.  Try to answer all the tweets that come in to you, but reading everything on the board may be impossible.  You have other things to do, like buy and sell commercial real estate.  Don’t let social media suck you into more than an hour a day.

Let the haters hate.  Marketing concept #1 – You can’t please everyone.  If you get popular in the world of Twitter, you’ll get haters.  Random hate is the negative side to popularity!  Ignore these trolls and continue with your business as usual.  You haven’t made it until you have a die-hard follower and an arch-nemesis.  Let those two things be your goal!