There aren’t very many commercial real estate blogs, so if you’re serious about starting one, you’re in a good position.  Here are a few tips to make your blog successful.

1) Consistency.  If you want people subscribing to your blog have a consistency in posting, I.E. once per week.  It’s debatable on how often you need to post to keep Google’s search algorithm happy.  Some say blogs should have new posts 3-4 times a week, while I believe once per week is sufficient.  Create an easily committable schedule.

2) Relevant Content.  Stick to commercial real estate topics and comment on news related to CRE.  Never make the blog about how awesome you are or to brag about your most recent deals.  Blogs are meant for you to give an opinion on recent events or advice on particular topics.  Remember, you’re not writing for commercial real estate agents, you’re writing for a target market – I.E. Retail managers, industrial park owners, etc.  Would you read my blog if all I wrote about was web and brochure design?  Probably not…write articles that pertain to the reader.

3) Niche.  Normally I’m crazy gung-ho over niches, but commercial real estate is already a niche.  If you limit yourself to CRE in Arlington, Texas, you may have some issues coming up with weekly blog posts.  Of course, sprinkle in your niche as much as you can, but don’t let it hinder progress.  National commercial real estate news affects your target market too.

4) Imagery.  People love images so be sure to give a great header image every time.  Also, place your photo and bio at the bottom of each post.  It will give people a positive feeling about the author.

5) Conquer Stage Fright.  It’s scary starting your first blog.  Don’t get in your own head!  Just write and see what happens.  If someone posts a negative comment, you can delete it!  Don’t get naysayers get to you.  No one can please everyone!

6) Outbound Links.  Your friends may tell you linking to other blogs or websites will bring down your Google rankings.  This is the most dangerous rumor because it holds some truth.  However, that algorithm is only to stop link farms (websites paid to broadcast links), not for a blog with a few links to Amazon or news articles.  Don’t be afraid to use outbound links, it shows your reader that you’re a part of the commercial real estate community when you suggest other blogs, sites, and services.

7) Easy to Share.  Be sure to install a plug-in that allows readers to easily share your post on Twitter, Facebook, Google +, and other sites.  The point of the blog is to bring in more readers, so social media sharing is vital to improving your blog’s readership numbers.